Content Usage

Content Usage


Below you will find the rules and guidelines in regard to the usage of the content found on This includes our independently conducted research found in the form of charts, images and reports.

When it comes to the usage of our content, whether we permit it or not falls into one main condition.

This condition is in line with the reason this website was started and exists…

To inform and educate people about the dangers of fluoride, or more broadly- the poor quality of public tap water and help them make the right changes to start drinking healthier water. 

If you are doing so, then you can freely use any unique image, chart or piece of information on your website without any worry of a copyright claim. 

Unfortunately, we’ve had to enforce this and put effort policing those that misused our content.

Without saying too much, those that misused our content were not operating their website in accordance to the condition stated above.

Due to those that misused our content, we have a couple minor conditions that have to be met. 

These conditions are done in order to ensure that those who use our content are doing so in line with the main condition and obviously to give credit (as our work does require effort and capital to produce)

The two minor conditions are as follow:

1. An email sent to identifying the website our content will be found on. 

2. Credit in the form of a link to our website (home page or the page you found the content you are using) on the page that our content is used on. 

If all of the above conditions are met, you can freely use the content on our website without any worry of a copyright claim.