About Truth About Fluoride

As you may have noticed, Truth About Fluoride is run by one person.

And that person would be me, Casey J Krol.

Now bare with me, I don’t like talking about what I do. I just like to do it. That’s why it’s taken such a long time for me to write this page. So without further adieu here’s some info about me, the website and how it came into existence.

Now I’ll leave the story of when and how I heard about fluoride for another time.

But once fluoride was brought to my attention, I started to do what we all do…

  • Do my research
  • Try and get it out of my life

And this is where I started to face problems.

Which lead me to starting my own website to try and fix these problems, so no one else would have to deal with them.

Now let me give you a few examples…

As I was researching, it was extremely hard to find information explained in an easy to understand way. Most of the information was still contained in scientific literature that was not translated into simple English. And the websites that were talking about fluoride, didn’t really do a good job.

So I decided to read all the scientific papers and put them into easy-to-read and understand articles (problem solved!).

But putting that aside, the biggest headache was trying to get fluoride out of my life.

For example, let’s ignore all the other sources of fluoride and stick to water. Before Truth About Fluoride the best advice we had was to use three types of filters (reverse osmosis, deionizers, and activated alumina).

But this left so many questions unanswered…

Do all of these filters remove fluoride equally? Where’s the proof? Has it been tested? How about this brand or that brand?

So what I decided to do is test a bunch of filters with a fluoride meter (genius idea, I know).

A picture of me installing one of the many reverse osmosis systems before testing it.

This helped turn one of the most confusing and difficult things I’ve ever done (picking a water filter for my home) into one of the easiest things you’ll ever do through the water filters guide.

Now let me tell you one other thing that led me to starting this website.

So we all know tea is LOADED with fluoride and when I started reading about it a few years ago this is the best info we had…

  • Older tea leaves contain more fluoride than younger tea leaves
  • Better quality tea would contain less fluoride

And any one that knows me, knows that this type of information is just not good enough.

I like to have concrete facts and leave nothing to chance. So in regards to tea, I thought it would be a good idea to test a bunch of teas for fluoride (at the time of writing this, I’ve tested over 300+ teas… something that has never been done before… I was surprised too).

A photo of the first time I ever tested teas for fluoride. And for those wondering, a standardized process was done for each and every tea.

This helped me realize how incomplete the information online was about fluoride.

For example, if someone were to follow the old advice on tea, they would make a horrible choice.

They would believe organic tea (higher quality tea) or white tea (tea made from younger tea leaves) would be safe to drink. But my research has shown that many organic teas contain lots of fluoride and white tea could contain more than 1 ppm of fluoride (more than tap water).

So long story short, there was just so much information missing that people were desperately looking for and I took it upon myself to fill in that gap.

That’s how Truth About Fluoride started.

The Moment I Went All In…

At first I treated this more of a hobby, I thought it would be a cool idea to start a website and help a few people avoid the headaches I experienced.

But as more and more people started to visit, first 10 people a day, then 100s, and then 1000s.

Followed by daily emails thanking me and telling me how the information on the website has helped them feel better or get rid of serious health issues.

I noticed how serious and needed this information was.

At that point, I couldn’t stop. The work I was doing was helping so many people, which left me no choice but to continue and take it up a notch. That’s when I dedicated myself full time to this website and committed to fluoride testing like never before.

How Can You Help?

Truth is, I can only do so much myself.

So if you believe in this cause and would like to help fuel this movement.

I’d appreciate it if you do one of two things , either donate to the website (click here to donate) or share your favorite article with your friends and family (or both).

This will allow me to research more, test more, dedicate more time and reach more people.

Anyways, it’s time to get back to work.