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List Of Bottled Water Without Fluoride In 2023 (298+ Brands)

We know tap water is loaded with fluoride but is there bottled water without fluoride?

Thankfully, I’ve tested or obtained water reports on 286+ brands of bottled water. Putting together the largest and most accurate list of fluoride levels in bottled water.

With a best bottled water list below too.

Bottled Water Without Fluoride | 2023 Update

If you’re looking for bottled water without fluoride or with fluoride. You’re at the right place.

As mentioned, you will find the fluoride levels of 286+ brands of bottled water. Including major brands across the world from countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Thailand, Poland, Germany and even Costa Rica. Most of which was independently tested by yours truly.

Does Bottled Water Have Fluoride?

bottled water with fluoride on label

Fluoride levels range from one brand of bottled water to another. While spring water can be a great source of low or fluoride-free water, fluoride content can range anywhere from 0.0 to 1.1 ppm. While “purified” or “distilled” bottled water – will contain no fluoride, unless a brand intentionally re-adds it.

Now in general, bottled water is an excellent source of fluoride-free water.

But you never know for sure.

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So in order to know the exact fluoride levels, it’s best if you search the exact brand you drink or plan on drinking, by using the table I made below.

How Much Fluoride Is Safe?

Fluoride is a highly reactive and toxic substance. Which according to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) serves no essential function in human growth and development. With no signs of fluoride deficiency being identified in humans.1

In addition, contrary to old science the ingestion of fluoride provides no dental health benefits. In fact, fluoride’s minimal dental health effect comes primarily through topical application (contact with surface of teeth).2,3,4

This means there is zero reason to put any fluoride in your body.

Fluoride’s Health Effects

fluoride meme bottled water

On top of fluoride ingestion being non-essential to human and dental health, fluoride is also classified a cumulative toxin.5 Meaning it accumulates in your body. While researchers out of Harvard have linked fluoride to the likes of lead, mercury and other deadly chemicals.6

And here are just a few health effects fluoride’s accumulation may lead to:

  • Skeletal Fluorosis: weaker bones, stiffness and pain in joints7
  • Dental Fluorosis: damage to enamel of teeth8
  • Pineal Gland Calcification: poor sleep and lowered melatonin9
  • Hypothyroidism: fluoride was once used as a drug to lower thyroid function and may lead to lower thyroid function through ingestion

With that being said, the natural levels of fluoride commonly found in fresh surface water is 0.05 ppm. So I’d say that is what you should aim for. That is what Mother Nature intended you to drink.

So how does bottled water contribute to this?

Tips On Using The Fluoride Bottled Water Table

Before you search the 286+ brands, here are a couple tips to help you use the fluoride bottled water table.

1) Search the exact brand of bottled water in the search bar…

step 1: search the exact brand of bottled water in the search bar

2) Click “Fluoride (ppm)” to sort from highest to lowest or lowest to highest…

step 2: click "fluoirde (ppm)" to sort by high and low

3) Check To See If It’s Verified

Brands that have a blue check mark under the “Verified” tab means that it was bought and tested by myself. While brands that do not have the blue check mark means the information comes from the brand’s official water quality report.

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Fluoride Levels On 286+ Brands Of Bottled Water (Searchable Table)

This table is continuously updated.

So if you don’t find the brand of bottled water you are looking for, let me know by using my contact information below this post. If you also get the chance, help spread the truth about fluoride by sharing this article with your friends and family.

Best Fluoride-Free Bottled Water | Updated In 2023

Before we get into the issues surrounding bottled water, I do have to say some brands are better than others. In fact, some fluoride-free brands I would never drink myself. For example, below you’ll read that many brands of bottled water are filled with microplastics and even PFAS.

But the good news is, there are a few brands that are safe to drink.

So I’ve decided to combine this “safe brands list” with all the fluoride test results and put it into one document. And all you have to do is enter your email below and I’ll send you the document right away.

Enter your email below to receive fluoride test results on 298+ brands of bottled water + the top picks!

bottled water

This way not only will you know which brands are safe to drink but also what goes through my head when choosing some brands over others.

3 HUGE Issues With Bottled Water

If you took it upon yourself to Google bottled water without fluoride, it’s safe to assume you’re a health conscious individual, trying your best to live a healthy life. 

That’s a smart thing to do.

And for that reason, I believe you should also be aware of the 3 main issues around bottled water. Since it’ll help you make a better choice or at the very least – help you choose the safest and healthiest bottled water.

As these issues can easily take you off the path of living a healthy life.

1. No Peace Of Mind

One of the biggest issues with bottled water is that it’s nearly impossible to know where it came from and what is inside it.

Starting with what, you’ll commonly see news reports on different brands of bottled water being high in certain toxic contaminants. Here are just a few I found within minutes of searching on Google News.

screenshots of news articles about bottled water

However, let’s not forget where bottled water comes from.

When you look at a bottle of water, you’ll see “freshwater source” written across the bottle with beautiful mountains and pristine rivers in the background. But the truth is nearly 64% of bottled water sold in the U.S is filtered tap water, according to a 2018 report from the advocacy group Food & Water Watch.10

IMPORTANT UPDATE: to add to this section… many brands sell bottles of waters that look the same but have different water in it. For example, a bottle of Costco (Kirkland) spring water sold in Toronto, Canada will have different fluoride levels than the same bottle sold in London, England. This is because Costco get’s the it’s water from many different places. So to help you out, I have taken all 289+ brands you searched here and put together a document with all their “Sources” (where the water comes from). You can find this in the sign up form located above, where I talk about the “safe brands list”. This way you can double check where your water comes from and be sure about how much fluoride is in your bottle of water.

2. Dangers Posed By Cheap Plastics In Water Bottles

You’ve most likely heard all the bad effects plastic has on the environment. But not many people are aware of the effects these cheap plastics have on our bodies.

Now considering the majority of water contaminants are non detectable by smell, taste or sight – it makes it nearly impossible to have true peace of mind about what’s in our water. Which is especially true with plastic bottled water.

world health organization launched a health review after finding 90% of bottled water contained high levels of tiny pieces of plastic.

Whether it’s phthalates, BPA, BHPF, PVC it’s guaranteed to be a part of the mass produced cheap plastics that accompany water bottles. Which means it’s almost certain you’ll be gulping down a cocktail of microplastics.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) was forced to conduct a health review after finding 90% of bottled water contained high levels of microplastics.11 Possibly in part due to the consistent and common effect of cheap plastics on human health.12

  • Hormone disruption: mimics or antagonizes naturally occurring estrogen
  • Infertility: lowered sperm count
  • Cancer: increased rates of some breast, ovarian, testicular, and prostate cancers
  • Altered sex-specific behaviors
  • Altered functions of reproductive organs

But there is good news, there are some brands like Evian that contain low amounts of fluoride, as shown in does Evian water have fluoride AND contain low levels of microplastics (other brands are mentioned in the “safe brands list PDF” included above).

3. Overpaying For Water

Considering you pass on the cocktail of contaminants like fluoride through your tap water you’ll get a different batch from your bottled water but at a higher price.

graph showing price difference between bottled water, tap water, filtered water, gasoline and milk

Since a high percentage of bottled water comes from tap water, drinkers of bottled water are essentially just paying for tap water to be filtered.

Making the solution clear and simple.

Instead of filling the pockets of the CEO’s of major bottled water brands- keep yours full, by cutting out the middleman and filtering your own water. Unless you go with the good brands… They deserve the money.

Safe Sources Of Water Without Fluoride?

bottled water with fluoride and fluoride-free label

Drinking water should help you prevent disease, not bring you closer to disease. 

So besides the safe brands mentioned in the email I sent to those who signed up above, it’s in your best interest to stay away from most bottled water.

It could be healthy, but you just don’t know.

Now at this point, you might think there is no water left for you and your family to drink that won’t land you with poor health. But having said that, the issues with bottled water are simple:

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  • No peace of mind
  • Cheap plastics
  • Overpaying for water

And the solution is also simple:

  • Put control into your hands
  • Eliminate exposure to toxic plastics
  • Stop overpaying for water

So if you want to take control of your health and stop overpaying for water, then you have to take complete control of the quality of your water (it’s easier than it sounds). And there’s no better way of doing this than getting a water filter.

installing a fluoride water filter under the sink

Now to make your life a lot easier, I’ve tested 33+ different filters and narrowed down the options to the 3 best fluoride water filters (link to article with all 3 filters).

With the most popular option being a water filter pitcher from Clearly Filtered (link to their website). With other great options being reverse osmosis systems (what I’m installing in the photo above) and distillers.

However, you should also know many brands lie about their filters being able to remove fluoride. So to ensure you pick a filter that CAN remove fluoride, I suggest you stick to the recommended and tested brands.

And once you’re done with the most important step (drinking safe and fluoride-free water), you should take advantage of my free fluoride detox guide. This guide will help you spot and eliminate every other source of fluoride you’re exposed to on a daily basis AND accelerate the detoxification of stored fluoride within your body.


If you liked this article, consider sharing it with your family and friends by using the blue buttons below! It’s never been easier to find out how much fluoride is in a bottle of water until now. Which many people are unaware of.

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