beverages that contain fluoride, search over 165 drinks

List Of Beverages That Contain Fluoride (Search 143+ Drinks)

We’re all aware of fluoride in water but beverages that contain fluoride could easily sneak up on you.

This can include any drink such as milk, juice, pop, wine, beer, energy drinks and even baby formula.

With that being said, it’s important to know where and how much fluoride is coming from what you drink…

What You Need To Know…

In just minutes you’ll learn everything there is to know about fluoride and beverages.

You’ll learn which beverages are high and low in fluoride.

You’ll be able to search the fluoride levels of 165+ beverages, including alcoholic, baby food, and everything in between.

Not only that, we’ll also go through 3 tips to help you and your family avoid drinking fluoride.

However, before you become an expert in beverages and fluoride, here are a few other articles you may find useful:

Beverages HIGH In Fluoride

beverages high in fluoride: black tea, wine, grape juice, coffee (tap water), soda, tap water.

When it comes to how much fluoride is in a beverage, this depends on the fluoride levels of the:

  • Water it’s made from
  • Soil it’s grown in (ex. tea leaves)
  • Sprays used while farming (ex. grapes)

Top 6 Beverages High In Fluoride

  1. Black Tea (3.73 ppm)
  2. Wine (1.53 ppm)
  3. Grape Juice (1.38 ppm)
  4. Coffee + Tap Water (0.91 ppm)
  5. Tap Water (0.81 ppm)
  6. Soda (0.78 ppm)

Beverages LOW In Fluoride

beverages low in fluoride: herbal tea, milk, hard liquor, coffee (filtered), filtered water, bottled water.

You may have noticed that coffee made both lists of beverages high and low in fluoride.

This solely has to do with the fluoride content of the water used during preparation.

As explained in fluoride in coffee, beans are typically low in fluoride (with a few exceptions) with the high levels of fluoride coming from tap water.

Which is also why soda, juice, and baby food may have high levels of fluoride.

Top 6 Beverages Low In Fluoride

  1. Filtered Water (0.00 ppm)
  2. Milk (0.03 ppm)
  3. Hard Liquor (0.08 ppm)
  4. Coffee + Filtered Water (0.10 ppm)
  5. Bottled Water (0.10 ppm)
  6. Herbal Tea (0.15 ppm)

Tips On Using The Fluoride Beverage Table

Here are a few tips to help you use the fluoride beverage table…

1) Search the exact beverage you are looking for in the search bar

tip 1: search the exact beverage with the search bar.

2) Click “Fluoride (ppm)” to sort from highest to lowest or lowest to highest…

tip 2: click "fluoride (ppm)" to sort by high or low.

3) Try sorting beverages by category

tip 3: sort by category.

Fluoride Levels On 165+ Drinks (Searchable Table)

This table is continuously updated.

Thus if you don’t find the beverage you are looking for, let us know in the comments below and we will add it ASAP.

ItemFluoride (ppm)Category
GERBER Bottled Water  (without added fluoride)
0.41Baby Food

DANNON Bottled Water (non-carbonated, with fluoride)

0.78Bottled Water
CALISTOGA Bottled Water (non-carbonated)0.07Bottled Water
CRYSTAL GEYSER Bottled Water (non-carbonated)0.24Bottled Water
NAYA Bottled Water (non-carbonated)0.14Bottled Water
DASANI Bottled Water (non-carbonated)
0.07Bottled Water
DANNON Bottled Water (non-carbonated)
0.11Bottled Water
EVIAN Bottled Water (non-carbonated)0.0Bottled Water
AQUAFINA Bottled Water (non-carbonated)0.05Bottled Water

LIPTON BRISK Tea (black, ready-to-drink, lemon)

ARIZONA Tea (ready-to-drink, lemon)1.23Tea
NESTEA Tea (black, ready-to-drink, lemon)0.90Tea

Red Wine (table, merlot)

White Wine (table, Chardonnay)2.02Alcoholic
Cranberry-Grape Juice (drink, bottled)0.65Juice
Pear Nectar (canned, with added ascorbic acid)0.12Juice
Milk (canned, evaporated, with added vitamin A)0.09Milk
Grape Soda (carbonated)0.86Soda
Orange-flavor drink (breakfast type, with pulp, frozen concentrate, prepared with water)0.51Juice
PERRIER Bottled Water0.31Bottled Water
POLAND SPRING Bottled Water0.0Bottled Water
Apple Juice0.12Baby Food
Apple and Cherry Juice0.62Baby Food
Apple and Grape Juice0.45Baby Food
Apple and Peach Juice0.45Baby Food

Apple and Prune Juice

0.13Baby Food
AMBER Hard Cider0.42Alcoholic

Carbonated Orange Juice

Citrus Fruit Juice Drink (frozen concentrate, prepared with water)0.51Juice
Cocoa Mix (with aspartame, powder, prepared with water)0.66Juice
Coffee (instant, decaffeinated, prepared with water)0.71Coffee
Dairy Drink Mix (chocolate, reduced calorie, with aspartame, powder, prepared with water and ice)0.65Juice
Fruit Punch-Flavor Drink (powder, without added sodium, prepared with water)0.64Juice
Orange Drink (breakfast type, with juice and pulp, frozen concentrate, prepared with water)0.51Juice
Orange Juice0.55Juice
Orange-Flavor Drink (breakfast type, powder, prepared with water)0.65Juice
Tea (instant, lemon, sweetened, prepared with water)1.16Tea
Wine (table, all)1.53Alcoholic
Red Wine (table)1.05Alcoholic
White Wine (table)2.02Alcoholic
Apple juice (canned or bottled, unsweetened, with added ascorbic acid)0.39Juice
Citrus Energy Drink0.00Energy Drink
Cola (carbonated)0.57Soda
Cola (carbonated, low calorie, with aspartame, contains caffeine)0.60Soda

Cola (carbonated, low calorie, with aspartame, without caffeine)

Root Beer0.71Soda
Sprite (without caffeine)0.56Soda
Powerade (lemon-lime flavored, ready-to-drink)0.62Juice

Cocktail mix (non-alcoholic, concentrated, frozen)

Cocoa Mix (powder, prepared with water)0.61Juice

Cranberry and Apple Juice (drink, bottled)

Cranberry and Apple Juice (low calorie, with vitamin C added)0.70Juice
Fruit Juice Drink (reduced sugar, with vitamin E added)0.71Juice
Fruit Punch Drink (without added nutrients, canned)0.54Juice

Grape Juice Drink (canned)


 Lemonade-Flavor Drink (powder, prepared with water)

Mixed Vegetable and Fruit Juice Drink (with added nutrients)0.12Juice
Orange and Apricot Juice Drink (canned)0.49Juice

Orange-Flavor Drink (breakfast type, powder)


Pineapple and Grapefruit Juice Drink (canned)


 Pineapple and Orange Juice Drink (canned)

Propel Zero (fruit-flavored, non-carbonated)0.02Juice
Tea (instant, lemon, sweetened, powder)5.84Tea
Tea (instant, unsweetened, prepared with water)3.35Tea
Cranberry Juice Cocktail (bottled)0.67Juice
Apple and Grape Juice (with added ascorbic acid)0.72Juice
Apple, Grape and Pear Blend (with added ascorbic acid and calcium)0.44Juice
Orange juice (frozen concentrate, unsweetened, diluted with 3 volume water, with added calcium)0.66Juice
Pear Nectar (canned, without added ascorbic acid)0.12Juice
Pineapple Juice (canned or bottled, unsweetened, with added ascorbic acid)0.06Juice
Prune Juice (canned)0.6Juice
Water (non-carbonated, bottles, natural fruit flavors, sweetened with low calorie sweetener)1.05Bottled Water
Gerber Fruit Splashers
0.67Baby Food
Tonic Water (carbonated)0.83Bottled Water
Lemonade (frozen concentrate, pink, prepared with water)0.55Juice
Gatorade (G performance O 2, ready-to-drink)0.34Juice

Tea (black, brewed, prepared with tap water)

Cream Soda0.35Soda
Cranberry Juice Cocktail (bottled, low calorie, with calcium, saccharin and corn sweetener)0.71Alcoholic
Fruit cocktail, (peach and pineapple and pear and grape and cherry, canned, heavy syrup, solids and liquids)0.09Alcoholic
Grape Juice (canned or bottled, unsweetened, with added ascorbic acid)1.38Juice
Milk (chocolate, fluid, commercial, whole, with added vitamin A and vitamin D)0.05Milk
Milk (canned, evaporated, with added vitamin D and without added vitamin A)0.09Milk
Milk (canned, evaporated, nonfat, with added vitamin A and vitamin D)0.09Milk
Orange juice (canned, unsweetened)0.31Juice
Beer (light)0.45Alcoholic
Beer (regular, all)0.44Alcoholic
Grape juice (canned or bottled, unsweetened, with added ascorbic acid and calcium)1.38Juice
Grape juice (canned or bottled, unsweetened, without added ascorbic acid)1.38Juice
Milk (buttermilk, fluid, cultured, lowfat)0.04Milk
Almond Milk (chocolate, ready-to-drink)0.69Milk
Milk (nonfat, fluid, with added vitamin A and vitamin D, fat free or skim)0.03Milk
Milk (nonfat, fluid, without added vitamin A and vitamin D, fat free or skim)0.03Milk
Coffee (brewed, prepared with tap water, decaffeinated)0.52Coffee
Milk (chocolate beverage, hot cocoa, homemade)0.03Milk
Milk (chocolate, fluid, commercial, reduced fat, with added vitamin A and vitamin D)0.05Milk
Milk (fluid, 1% fat, without added vitamin A and vitamin D)0.03Milk
Milk (lowfat, fluid, 1% milkfat, with added vitamin A and vitamin D)0.03Milk
Coffee (brewed, prepared with tap water)0.91Coffee
Milk (reduced fat, fluid, 2% milkfat, with added vitamin A and vitamin D)0.03Milk
Milk (reduced fat, fluid, 2% milkfat, without added vitamin A and vitamin D)0.03Milk
Tomato Juice (canned, without salt added)0.07Juice
Orange Juice (frozen concentrate, unsweetened, undiluted)0.20Juice
Orange Juice (frozen concentrate, unsweetened, undiluted, with added calcium)0.20Juice
Grape Juice (no sugar, canned)0.41Baby Food
Cola (cherry flavor)0.43Soda
Coca-Cola (all regions)0.51Soda
Diet Coca-Cola (all regions)0.60Soda
Diet Pepsi (all regions)0.48Soda
Coca-Cola (fast food type, diet, without ice)0.78Soda
Coca-Cola (fast food type, without ice)0.74Soda
Pepsi (all regions)0.33Soda
Ginger Ale0.70Soda
Orange Soda0.84Soda
Dr. Pepper0.37Soda
Yoo-Hoo (ready-to-drink)0.87Juice
Capri-Sun (ready-to-drink)0.74Juice
Hawaiian Punch (ready-to-drink)0.46Juice
HI-C (ready-to-drink)0.23Juice
Minute Maid Punch (ready-to-drink)0.18Juice
Fruit Drinks (other brands, ready-to-drink)0.57Juice
Fruit Flavored Drink (prepared from powder)0.40Juice
Kool-Aid (ready-to-drink)0.45Juice
Sunny Delight (ready-to-drink)0.71Juice
Apple Juice (ready-to-drink)1.09Juice
Five Alive (ready-to-drink)0.08Juice
Tea (green, brewed)1.15Tea
Green Tea (decaffeinated, brewed)2.72Tea
Herbal Tea (chamomile, brewed)0.13Tea
Herbal Tea (peppermint, brewed)0.90Tea
Ice (fast food type)0.11Soda
Municipal Tap Water (all regions)0.81Municipal Tap Water
Well Water (all regions)0.26Well Water
Municipal Tap Water (Mid-West)0.99Municipal Tap Water
Well Water (Mid-West)0.53Well Water
Municipal Tap Water (Northeast)0.74Municipal Tap Water
Well Water (Northeast)0.09Well Water
Municipal Tap Water (South)0.93Municipal Tap Water
Well Water (South)0.10Well Water
Municipal Tap Water (West)0.51Municipal Tap Water
Well Water (West)0.24Well Water
Hard Liquor (gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, 80 proof)0.08Alcoholic
Rum (distilled, 40% alcohol)0.09Alcoholic
Coffee (made with filtered water)0.10Coffee
Pepsi (2020)0.1Soda
7UP (2020)0.5Soda
Canada Dry (2020)0.3Soda
Coca-Cola (2020)0.3Soda

Table Sources (1,2,3)

3 Ways To Avoid Fluoride In Beverages

1. Avoid Processed Liquids

The more processed something is the more likely it contains high levels of fluoride.

This is why more “natural” liquids like milk, water and coffee tend to have low levels of fluoride.

2. Swap Tap Water For Fluoride-Free Water

The easiest and most important step in reducing your fluoride exposure is to use a water filter.

By using a filter you save lots of money compared to using bottled water without fluoride and make your life that much easier.

my top two favorite filters that remove fluoride

Now the good news is that I made the process of choosing a filter extremely easy.

After testing 32+ different filters, I’ve narrowed it down to the 3 best fluoride water filters (link to guide where I help you choose the right filter in under 10 minutes).

For example, Clearly Filtered (link to their website) is one of these three filters and the easiest and most popular way of getting started.

But filters like reverse osmosis and distillers are also great options, as both have been shown to reduce fluoride content in tap water from 0.6 ppm tp 0.0 ppm.

3. Drink Fluoride-Free Tea

herbal tea

Fluoride in tea is one of the most potent sources of fluoride you can come across.

However, this only applies to certain types of teas and with the right awareness you can dodge these dangerous levels of fluoride.

For example, it’s common for many brands of black tea to have fluoride levels over 3ppm!

Now for more information on which teas to avoid and which ones to consume, please refer to step 3 of the fluoride detox.

It’s within the fluoride detox guide that you’ll also find all 8 ways you can eliminate fluoride exposure and detox your body of accumulated fluoride… fun stuff!

Anyways, there you have it, the truth about fluoride in regards to beverages that contain fluoride.


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