Affiliate Disclosure (AKA how this website makes money and pays for everything)

On this page you’ll learn a few things…

  1. How I make money to pay for everything
  2. How this effects product recommendations
  3. Why I don’t place ads on the website

So without further adieu, let’s start with how this website makes money.

The Different Ways I Make Money

The largest source of support that the website receives is through affiliate links.

Basically, when you click a link and buy a product, I may earn a commission (a percentage of the sale) for any purchases that you make. This happens at no extra cost to you (this is a way of companies rewarding people who recommend their products, which almost every company does).

And since you could become an affiliate for almost any product, this does not effect the decision in which product to recommend (I’ll explain how I choose which product to recommend in a few seconds).

So in other words, by helping yourself, you also help the website. Talk about a win-win.

Which allows me to do the following things that make Truth About Fluoride so great:

  • Independent Testing: allows me to buy and test different products, instead of relying on what brands tell us about their products.
  • Updated Information: allow me to work full-time on the website (the more time I dedicate = the more people I help)
  • Re-Investing: the more people that use the website to help themselves go fluoride-free, the more money I have, thus the more money I can put back into testing products and conducting more research.

And here are the other ways the website is supported financially:

  • Donations
  • 5 Step Fluoride Detox Program Sales
  • My own money

How Does This Effect Product Recommendations?

From the start I set up Truth About Fluoride to deliver the most trustworthy, accurate and reliable information online in regards to fluoride.

This also includes the products I recommended.

For example, here’s the process of how I decide what filter(s) to recommend:

  1. Buy and test dozens of filters to figure out which ones CAN remove fluoride.
  2. Research the materials and methods used for filtering (ex. are the materials safe?)
  3. The ones that CAN remove fluoride and pass step number 2, are then used by myself for how ever long it takes for me to understand the quality of the filter.
  4. I choose the best filter and tell you about it.

Most importantly, I also use the products I recommended. I don’t just test them and tell you to use them. I use them every day (I’m a strong believer in having “Skin in the game”… shoutout to Nassim Taleb).

Lastly, whatever other measures I could take to ensure the quality of the information provided, I most likely do but don’t want to ramble on too long here (ex. NO sponsored reviews, under the table deals, and etc.)

And while where at it and to follow all the legal rules, here’s my Amazon Affiliate disclosure:

“Truth About Fluoride is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”

Why I Don’t Place Ads On The Website

Long story short, I don’t think they belong on the website.

You’re reading about a serious issue so you’re attention should be solely dedicated on what you’re reading. Plus, I don’t want to give businesses the opportunity to advertise on my website who don’t do business the right way or sell products that I wouldn’t personally recommend.

For example, imagine a company that sells water filters that DON’T filter fluoride but lie and say they do, were to advertise on the website and convince someone to click the ad and buy their product.

That’s something I’d rather not happen.

Concluding Thoughts

At the end of the day, my goal is to provide you with the best possible information when it comes to fluoride.

And rest assured that at no point in the entire process would I ever compromise this.

But if you still have questions about anything I do, feel free to use the buttons below to send me a message.