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Fluoride In Tea: Risk, Ranking & Guide (Search 329+ Teas)

Fluoride in tea is one of the most potent and forgotten sources of fluoride.

In fact, some teas have two, three or even six times the amount of fluoride when compared to tap water.

Easily putting millions of people around the world over the safe amount of daily fluoride intake.

Fluoride In Tea

tea leaves

The Camellia sinensis plant is used for its leaves to make green, black, white, and oolong teas.

When the tea plant grows, it absorbs fluoride from the surrounding soil and stores it in it’s leaves. However, since each type of tea is processed differently, fluoride levels vary.

In addition to being a potent source of fluoride, 94.9% of the fluoride in a cup of tea is directly absorbed by the body(1).

A possibly deadly addition when combined with other sources of fluoride.

So before we continue, here are a few other resources at your disposal to help you determine other sources of fluoride you may be exposed to:

It’s also important to note, due to the high levels of fluoride, tea consumption alone can cause health problems.

Health Effects Of Fluoride

health effects of fluoride

Consuming the wrong tea will greatly increase your chances of developing fluoride toxicity.

For example, in recent years there has been a growing number of skeletal fluorosis cases in the USA among heavy tea drinkers(2).

An incurable condition that leads to pain and stiffness in a person’s bones and joints(3).

And when you see for yourself how much fluoride is in tea, you’ll also understand why fluoride’s effect on the human body does not stop there:

Health Benefits Of Tea

health benefits of tea

It’s not a good idea to drop tea altogether because SOME teas are high in fluoride.

Especially since the right kind of tea will provide you with many healthy substances:

  • Polysaccharides
  • Polyphenols
  • Amino acids
  • Antioxidants

Not only that but the antioxidants and other healthy substances found in tea act as medicine to fluoride toxicity.

So much so, the right tea can actually help you perform a fluoride detox.

How Does Fluoride Get Into Tea?

For the longest time I thought ALL tea was healthy.

Now I’m sure tea was healthy many years ago, specifically before mass pollution.

For example, before the world’s air and soil was polluted, the tea plant would absorb all the healthy substances in its environment (getting the great reputation it has).

But now, with soil and rain/ground water high in fluoride due to pollution, the tea plant unfortunately absorbs dangerously high levels of fluoride.

how fluoride ends up in our tea

In addition, since soil quality varies from country to country and even within a country, it’s not as easy as telling you to stay away from tea grown in a specific country.

*Cough, Cough, China*

Which is why the only true answer to this problem is to test every single tea for fluoride.

However, before we get to the test results of 329+ teas, there is one more thing you should know.

Fluoride Content Equals Quality Of Tea

Higher quality teas have lower levels of fluoride.

This is because teas with high levels of fluoride tend to contain low amounts of antioxidants.

In fact, the increase in fluoride is proportional to the decrease of amino acids and flavonoids(4).

For example, mature tea leaves have the lowest antioxidant levels and since they’ve been soaking up fluoride from the soil the longest, they also have the highest fluoride content.

While young tea leaves have the most antioxidants and lowest levels of fluoride.

Tea TypeAge of LeavesFluoride ContentNotes
Blackmaturehighoxidized after harvest for unique flavors
Greenmaturehighnot oxidized, preserves healthy substances like flavonoids, catechins and polyphenols
Oolongmaturehigh/ mediumoxidized half way between green and black tea
Whiteyoung + budsmedium/ lowmore antioxidants than green, black or oolong teas
Herbalnot made from tea leaveslow/ nonemade from dried fruit, flowers, roots, spices, and herbs

Overall, looking at how much fluoride a tea has is a good indicator of it’s quality.

The more fluoride, the less antioxidants, and thus the lower the quality.

Tips On Using The Fluoride Tea Table

To help you navigate through the 329+ teas found in the fluoride-tea table, here are 5 very useful and important tips…

1) Use The Search Bar…

Use the search bar to look up a specific brand or flavor of tea.

fluoride in tea table tip 1: search a specific tea with the search bar

2) Sort Fluoride Content In Tea From High or Low

By clicking on “Fluoride (ppm)” once, you’ll sort the fluoride content in tea from low to high.

While if you click on it two times, the ranking of fluoride content will show from high to low.

fluoride in tea table tip 2: Click "Fluoride (p.p.m)" To Sort From HIGH or LOW

3) Sort Teas By “Type”…

This will allow you to search through fluoride in tea based on the type of tea.

Which includes; black, green, herbal, oolong, pu-erh, rooibos, and white tea.

fluoride in tea table tip 3: sort by type of tea, black, green, herbal, oolong, pu-erh, rooibos and white.

4) Sort Through Teas That Are Approved…

By clicking on “Approved?” and then selecting ‘YES”, you’ll be able to see which teas are approved by Truth About Fluoride.

Being approved means the tea is safe in regards to fluoride and does not contain any other dangerous ingredients (more on this later).

In addition, if you see the name of the tea in blue text and click on it, it will bring you to the exact tea I tested, on the Amazon website.

fluoride in tea table tip 4: sort by through approved teas.

5) Combine ALL The Tips Together…

For example, let’s say you’re looking for a new herbal tea that is approved and low in fluoride.

To do this, first click on type and select “Herbal“, then click on “Fluoride (ppm)” once to sort from low to high and lastly, click on approved and select “YES“.

fluoride in tea table tip 5: combine tips

Fluoride In Tea Table (Search 329+ Teas)

This table is continuously updated…

So if you do not find the brand you’re looking for, contact me using the information after this article and I will add it to the list.

But most importantly, share this article with your friends and family by using the sharing buttons found at the bottom of the screen (phone) or to the left (computer).

Considering how much fluoride is in tea, you might just save someone’s life.

BrandFlavorTypeFluoride (p.p.m)Approved?
Ahmad TeaApple RefreshBlack2.4NO
Ahmad TeaDarjeeling TeaBlack0.8NO
Ahmad TeaEarl GreyBlack1.8NO
Ahmad TeaEnglish BreakfastBlack1.7NO
Ahmad TeaEnglish Tea No. 1Black1.9NO
Ahmad TeaGreen Tea PureGreen1.1NO
Ahmad TeaJasmine RomanceGreen1.1NO
Ahmad TeaLemon & Lime TwistBlack2.4NO
Ahmad TeaLemon VitalityGreen1.2NO
Ahmad TeaMint MystiqueGreen1.1NO
Ahmad TeaPeach & Passion FruitBlack2.1NO
Ahmad TeaStrawberry SensationBlack2.4NO
Alwazah TeaCeylon TeaBlack1.0NO
BabciGreen TeaGreen1.1NO
Big ActiveEarly Grey with Rose PetalsBlack1.1NO
BigelowConstant CommentBlack0.7NO
BigelowEarl GreyBlack1.1NO
BigelowClassic Green TeaGreen0.9NO
BiofixSt John's WortHerbal0.0YES
Brooke BondRed LabelBlack1.1NO
Brooke BondTaj Mahal, Orange PekoeBlack1.2NO
Celestial OrganicsChamomile LavenderHerbal0.0YES
Celestial OrganicsCinnamon CardamonHerbal0.0YES
Celestial OrganicsGinger TurmericHerbal0.0YES
Celestial OrganicsJasmine GreenGreen1.5NO
Celestial OrganicsMint GuayusaHerbal0.0YES
Celestial OrganicsPure GreenGreen1.0NO
Celestial SeasoningsBengal SpiceHerbal0.0NO
Celestial SeasoningsBlack Cherry BerryHerbal0.0NO
Celestial SeasoningsChamomilleHerbal0.0YES
Celestial SeasoningsCinnamon Apple SpiceHerbal0.0NO
Celestial SeasoningsCountry Peach PassionHerbal0.0NO
Celestial SeasoningsLemon ZingerHerbal0.0NO
Celestial SeasoningsPeppermintHerbal0.0YES
Celestial SeasoningsRaspberry ZingerHerbal0.0NO
Celestial SeasoningsSleepy TimeHerbal0.0YES
Celestial SeasoningsWild Berry ZingerHerbal0.0NO
ClipperAfter Dinner MintsHerbal0.0YES
Davids TeaBuddha's BlendWhite0.9NO
Davids TeaCold 911Herbal0.0NO
Davids TeaCinnamon Rooibos ChaiRooibos0.0NO
Davids TeaCream Of Earl GreyBlack1.1NO
Davids TeaForever NutsHerbal0.0NO
Davids TeaJust PeachyHerbal0.0NO
Davids TeaLemon Cayenne CleanseWhite0.3NO
Davids TeaOrganic DetoxGreen0.6NO
Delicious KitchenOrganic Green TeaGreen1.5NO
Earth TeazeSenchaGreen0.9NO
Earth TeazeSpiced LemongrassHerbal0.0NO
English Tea ShopGinger Peach TeaBlack1.1NO
English Tea ShopSpiced Red FruitsHerbal0.0NO
English Tea ShopSuper BerriesHerbal0.0NO
Four O'ClockChai EspressoBlack0.7NO
Four O'ClockCoconut GingerGreen0.8NO
Four O'ClockEarl GreyBlack2.3NO
Four O'ClockGreen Tea DecaffeinatedGreen2.4NO
Four O'ClockJapaneseGreen1.2NO
Four O'ClockJapanese Sencha MatchaGreen1.2NO
Four O'ClockJasmineGreen1.0NO
Four O'ClockPomegranate EchinaceaHerbal0.0NO
Four O'ClockRooibosRooibos0.0NO
Four O'ClockSpicy OrangeRooibos0.0NO
Four O'ClockTurmeric CinnamonHerbal0.0NO
GalilJasmine Green TeaGreen1.1NO
GirnarOrange PekoeBlack2.0NO
GloriaGreen TeaGreen1.9NO
Great ValueGreen TeaGreen1.1NO
Great ValueOrange PekoeBlack3.6NO
Hao TeaJasmine TeaGreen1.2NO
Health HeatherOrganic Lemon & GingerHerbal0.0NO
HyleysColon Cleanse, BlackberryHerbal0.0NO
ITO ENGreen TeaGreen0.8NO
ITO ENGreen Tea, Roasted Rice, MatchaGreen0.4NO
Kericho GoldChocolate TeaBlack1.9NO
Kericho GoldGreen Tea LemonGreen1.6NO
Kericho GoldGreen Tea, Passion & JasmineGreen1.1NO
Kericho GoldHangover TeaGreen0.7NO
Kericho GoldPineapple & Mango TeaBlack1.9NO
Kericho GoldPure Kenya TeaBlack1.1NO
King ColeOrange PekoeBlack2.7NO
LiptonGreen TeaGreen1.5NO
LiptonGreen Tea with MintGreen1.3NO
LiptonGreen Tea, Lemon GinsengGreen1.4NO
LiptonLemon GingerHerbal0.0NO
LiptonSummer FruitsHerbal0.0NO
LiptonYellow LabelBlack2.8NO
LongosEnglish BreakfastBlack1.3NO
LongosIrish BreakfastBlack1.5NO
LongosIrish Breakfast, DecaffeinatedBlack1.0NO
LuxBlueberry TeaHerbal0.0NO
LuxLemon TeaHerbal0.0NO
LuxMultifruit TeaHerbal0.0NO
LuxPeppermint LeavesHerbal0.0YES
LuxRaspberry TeaHerbal0.0NO
LuxSt John's WortHerbal0.0YES
Mighty LeafHojicha Green TeaGreen0.9NO
Mighty LeafMarrakesh MintGreen0.9NO
Mighty LeafVanilla BeanBlack0.9NO
Mighty LeafWhite OrchardGreen1.1NO
NutrateasOrganic Green TeaGreen3.2NO
NutrateaOrganic Peppermint TeaHerbal0.0YES
OteasBlack Tea with CaramelBlack0.6NO
OteasLemongrass, Ginger & CinnamonHerbal0.0YES
OteasOolong Tea and GingerOolong0.9NO
OteasOrganic Green Tea, PeppermintGreen0.8NO
OteasPassion Fruit and OrangeHerbal0.0NO
OteasRaspberry LeafHerbal0.0YES
OteasRooibos, Ginger & LemonRooibos0.0NO
OteasStrawberry & CreamHerbal0.0NO
Our FinestCalming ChamomileHerbal0.0YES
Our FinestEarl GreyBlack1.9NO
Our FinestEnglish BreakfastBlack2.2NO
Our FinestLemongrassGreen0.8NO
Our FinestLemon GingerHerbal0.2NO
Our FinestMint BlendHerbal0.0YES
Our FinestOrganic CalmHerbal0.0YES
Our FinestOrganic RevitalizeGreen1.0NO
Our FinestOrganic SootheHerbal0.0YES
Our FinestOrganic VitalityHerbal0.0YES
Our FinestVanilla RooibosRooibos0.0NO
PG TipsOriginalBlack3.6NO
PG TipsThe Tasty DecafBlack3.1NO
President's ChoiceDirty ChaiBlack1.2NO
President's ChoiceEarl Grey, DecaffeinatedBlack1.6NO
President's ChoiceFeeling CalmHerbal0.0NO
President's ChoiceFeeling CleansedHerbal0.0YES
President's ChoiceFeeling EnergizedHerbal0.0YES
President's ChoiceFeeling SoothedHerbal0.0NO
President's ChoiceGreen TeaGreen1.4NO
President's ChoiceMoroccan Style MintGreen0.8NO
President's ChoiceOrange PekoeBlack2.9NO
President's ChoiceOrganics, ChaiBlack0.8NO
President's ChoiceOrganics, Green TeaGreen1.4NO
President's ChoiceRaspberry ThrillerHerbal0.0NO
President's ChoiceRooibos Red TeaRooibos0.0YES
Pride of IndiaOrganic Tulsi Holy BasilHerbal0.0YES
PukkaElderberry & EchinaceaHerbal0.0NO
PukkaFeel NewHerbal0.0YES
PukkaLemon, Ginger, & Manuka HoneyHerbal0.0YES
PukkaNight TimeHerbal0.0YES
PukkaRelax OrganicHerbal0.0YES
PukkaSupreme Matcha GreenGreen0.7NO
PukkaThree GingerHerbal0.0YES
PukkaThree MintHerbal0.0YES
PukkaTurmeric GoldBlend0.4NO
Red RoseCanadian BreakfastBlack1.7NO
Red RoseOrange PekoeBlack2.9NO
Red RoseOrganic, Orange PekoeBlack3.0NO
RishiBlueberry HibiscusHerbal0.0NO
RishiDandelion DetoxPu-erh0.1YES
RishiMasala ChaiBlack1.0NO
RishiMatcha Ginger BuzzGreen0.2YES
RishiMatcha Super GreenGreen0.7NO
RishiTumeric GingerHerbal0.0YES
RishiTumeric MangoHerbal0.1YES
SaladaOrange PekoeBlack2.1NO
SavorCitrus GingerHerbal0.0NO
SavorEarl GreyBlack1.4NO
SavorEnglish BreakfastBlack1.2NO
SavorGreen TeaGreen2.4NO
SocietyMasala Tea BagBlack0.7NO
StashAsian Pear HarmonyGreen0.8NO
StashChai SpiceBlack0.8NO
StashCinnamon Apple ChamomileHerbal0.0NO
StashDouble Bergamot Earl GreyBlack1.7NO
StashElderflower CitrusWhite0.3NO
StashLemon GingerHerbal0.0NO
StashLicorice SpiceHerbal0.0NO
StashMoroccan MintGreen0.8NO
StashOrganic Cascade MintHerbal0.0YES
StashOrganic ChamomileHerbal0.0YES
StashOrganic Chocolate OrangeHerbal0.0YES
StashOrganic Premium GreenGreen0.9NO
StashOrganic Lemon GingerGreen0.5NO
StashSpice Dragon Red ChaiHerbal0.0YES
StashSunny Orange GingerHerbal0.0YES
StassenJasmine Green TeaGreen0.7NO
SurajOrange PekoeBlack3.9NO
TakaokayaJapanese Brown Rice, MatchaGreen0.4NO
TakaokayaJapanese Green TeaGreen0.7NO
Tata TeaOrange PekoeBlack2.3NO
TaylorsEarl Grey TeaBlack2.3NO
TaylorsEnglish Breakfast TeaBlack2.5NO
TaylorsGreen Tea with JasmineGreen1.6NO
TazoAwake English BreakfastBlack1.9NO
TazoCalm ChamomileHerbal0.0NO
TazoChai, OrganicBlack1.3NO
TazoEarl GreyBlack1.1NO
TazoGreen GingerGreen1.6NO
TazoRefresh MintHerbal0.0YES
TazoWild Sweet OrangeHerbal0.0NO
TeapigsEnglish BreakfastBlack3.2NO
TeapigsDarjeeling Earl GreyBlack0.6NO
TeapigsMao Feng Green TeaGreen0.9NO
TeapigsPeppermint LeavesHerbal0.0YES
TeapigsSuper FruitHerbal0.0NO
TegaBreakfast TeaBlack1.2NO
TegaGreen TeaGreen1.0NO
TenRenGreen TeaGreen0.8NO
TetleyEarl GreyBlack1.2NO
TetleyEnglish BreakfastBlack2.4NO
TetleyGreen Tea PureGreen1.3NO
TetleyGreen Tea, DecaffeinatedGreen1.6NO
TetleyOrange Pekoe BoldBlack3.0NO
TetleyOrange Pekoe, DecaffeinatedBlack1.9NO
TetleyPure Ceylon TeaBlack0.9NO
TetleyRed TeaRooibos0.1NO
TetleyTropical with Vitamin CGreen1.4NO
Tim HortonsApple CinnamonHerbal0.0NO
Tim HortonsChai TeaBlack1.7NO
Tim HortonsChamomileHerbal0.0YES
Tim HortonsEarl GreyBlack2.5NO
Tim HortonsGreen TeaGreen1.4NO
Tim HortonsHoney LemonHerbal0.0NO
Tim HortonsOrange PekoeBlack1.6NO
Tim HortonsPeppermintHerbal0.0YES
Triple Leaf BrandGreen Tea with GinsengGreen0.7NO
Triple Leaf BrandNature SM, Herbal Tea, RegularHerbal0.1NO
Triple Leaf BrandPeppermint TeaHerbal0.0YES
Triple Leaf TeaOolong TeaOolong1.2NO
TwiningsLemon & GingerHerbal0.0NO
TwiningsEnglish BreakfastBlack2.1NO
TwiningsEnglish Breakfast, DecaffeinatedBlack2.6NO
TwiningsGolden Caramel RooibosRooibos0.0NO
TwiningsGoodnight BlendHerbal0.0NO
TwiningsGreen TeaGreen1.6NO
TwiningsGreen Tea, LemonGreen1.5NO
TwiningsIrish BreakfastBlack1.9NO
TwiningsPeppermint & Creamy VanillaHerbal0.0NO
TwiningsPomegranate, Raspberry, StrawberryGreen1.6NO
TwiningsPure Rooibos Red TeaRooibos0.0YES
TwiningsThe Earl Grey TeaBlack1.9NO
TwiningsThe Lady Grey TeaBlack1.8NO
TwiningsHoneybush, Mandarin & OrangeHerbal0.0NO
TwiningsPure ChamomileHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsBelly Comfort, PeppermintHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsEveryday Detox, LemonHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsNightly NightHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsChamomileHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsEater's Digest, PeppermintHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsGingerHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsGinger AidHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsGreen TeaGreen0.5NO
Traditional MedicinalsGreen Tea GingerGreen0.5NO
Traditional MedicinalsGreen Tea LemongrassGreen0.9NO
Traditional MedicinalsHabiscusHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsLemon BalmHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsLicorice RootHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsMother's MilkHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsPeppermintHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsRoasted Dandelion RootHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsSmooth MoveHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsStress Soother CinnamonHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsThroat Coat, LemonHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsTulsi with GingerHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsTurmericHerbal0.0YES
Traditional MedicinalsTurmeric, Meadowsweet, GingerHerbal0.0YES
Tea IndiaCardamon ChaiBlack1.5NO
Tea IndiaGinger ChaiBlack0.9NO
Tea IndiaMasala ChaiBlack1.1NO
Tea IndiaOrange PekoeBlack2.0NO
Tea of LifeGinger Moringa TurmericHerbal0.1NO
Tea of LifeMoringa TeaHerbal0.0NO
Tea of LifeMoringa CinnamonHerbal0.0NO
Tea of LifeMoringa GingerHerbal0.0NO
Tea of LifeMoringa LemonHerbal0.0NO
Tea of LifeMoringa Matcha GreenBlend0.3NO
TraditionJasmine Green TeaGreen0.4NO
TyphooBlack Tea, DecaffeinatedBlack2.2NO
TyphooExtra StrongBlack3.7NO
TyphooOrange PekoeBlack4.2NO
TyphooOrange Pekoe DecafBlack2.3NO
T&TOrganic Black TeaBlack2.0NO
T&TOrganic Green TeaGreen1.3NO
T&TOrganic Oolong TeaOolong1.6NO
T&TOrganic White TeaWhite1.4NO
UjinotsuyuJapanese TeaGreen0.8NO
UjinotsuyuJapanese Tea with Roasted RiceGreen0.5NO
Uncle Lee's TeaGreen TeaGreen1.1NO
Wagh BakriMasala ChaiBlack1.1NO
WissotzkyCinnamon MagicHerbal0.0NO
WissotzkyEarl Grey, BergamotBlack1.2NO
WissotzkyEnglish BreakfastBlack1.6NO
WissotzkyGreen Tea with Apple & CinnamonGreen1.2NO
WissotzkyGreen Tea with Citrus FruitsGreen1.2NO
WissotzkyGreen Tea with Lemon & HoneyGreen1.2NO
WissotzkyLemon TeaBlack1.0NO
WissotzkySpearmint TeaBlack0.9NO
YamaMotoYamaGenmai ChaGreen0.6NO
YamaMotoYamaGreen TeaGreen0.8NO
YogiEgyptian LicoriceHerbal0.0YES
YogiLemon GingerHerbal0.0YES
YogiGreen Tea KombuchaGreen1.0NO
YogiRestful SleepHerbal0.0YES
YorkshireOrange PekoeBlack2.3NO
Zielnik AptecznyChamomileHerbal0.0YES
Zielnik AptecznySt John's WortHerbal0.0YES
Ziola MnichaPeppermintHerbal0.0YES
3 CrownEarl Grey TeaBlack1.5NO
3 CrownGreen TeaGreen2.2NO
Traditional MedicinalsSpearmintHerbal0.0YES

Each tea was steeped for 5 min with 245 ml of filtered water*

5 Must Knows When It Comes To Fluoride In Tea

1. Avoid Steeping Your Tea For Too Long?

tea steeping

After testing the 329+ teas above, I was curious to see what would happen to fluoride content if tea was steeped for an extra 5 min (10 minutes total).

So I tested 100 teas again.

After steeping the teas for 10 minutes, fluoride content increased by an average of 12%. However this varied from tea to tea, with the highest increase reported at 60% and the lowest at 0%.

So yes, it’s true that the more you steep your tea, the more fluoride goes into your water.

However, if you decide to steep your tea for less, you’ll also get less healthy substances.

A problem with a simple solution…

Get a quality and safe tea that you can steep for as long as you want.

This will give you great peace of mind, as the 30 herbal teas that were steeped for 10 minutes remained at 0.0 ppm.

2. Type Of Tea Matters A Lot

green tea

After testing 329+ teas it’s safe to say – if you want to avoid fluoride, herbal tea is the only way to go.

As it stands, besides herbal tea, there are less than a handful of teas that pass the fluoride test.

Maybe there are other brands out there that are low in fluoride, but until it’s tested- I’d play it safe and stick to the teas that are approved by Truth About Fluoride.

3. Does Organic Tea Have Fluoride?

You may be thinking, if a tea is organic it might not contain a toxic substance like fluoride.

But the truth is, on average, organic tea contains less fluoride than non-organic tea… but it still contains fluoride.

The only type of organic tea that does not contain fluoride is herbal tea.

4. There’s More You Should Worry About Than Fluoride

Fluoride is bad enough, but there’s more you should know…

Let’s put it this way, if a tea contains fluoride, what else do you think the tea plant could have absorbed from the polluted soil?

Pesticides, lead, or maybe even a sprinkle of arsenic?

Point is, whenever there’s fluoride, it’s not unreasonable to assume high levels of other contaminants.

So in other words, choose fluoride-free tea.

contaminated soil

Now, to answer something I brought up earlier, some of you may be wondering why some brands are not approved by Truth About Fluoride, even though they have no fluoride.

Long answer short, this happens when a tea contains an unhealthy ingredient.

And when it comes to tea, that unhealthy ingredient is typically “natural flavors”.

Now to explain this as quickly as possible: there’s nothing natural about “natural flavors”. In fact, there can be up to 100 chemicals in a single natural flavor (4).

In short, it’s a shortcut used by brands to trick you into liking their tea… all at the expense of your health.

5. Avoid Using And Drinking Tap Water

my top two favorite filters that remove fluoride

I think this should go without saying, but it’s easy to forget…

Avoiding fluoride in tap water is a MUST and one of the easiest things you can do.

All of the numbers above for fluoride in tea were with fluoride-free water, now imagine how dangerous that would be to someone’s health if they added an additional 0.7 ppm of fluoride (average fluoride content in North American tap water).

And how you want to do this is up to you…

You can use bottled water without fluoride

Or the more wallet-friendly and convenient option of using a fluoride water filter.

IMPORTANT: if you have a water filter or plan on getting one, you should know many brands LIE about removing fluoride. So to avoid getting tricked, I will send you the test results of 25+ filters. And all you have to do is enter your email below and I’ll send it to you right away.

Enter your email below to receive fluoride test results on 25+ water filters!

water filters

This way you know which brands are lying and which ones are not.

For instance, everyone thinks reverse osmosis filters can remove fluoride but this depends on the quality of the system.

As shown in does reverse osmosis remove fluoride, some brands were able to remove fluoride completely while others only removed half or less.

This is even worse when it comes to water filter pitchers but I’ll leave that for you to read.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s clear that tea is the leading source of fluoride worldwide.

To add insult to injury, most people use tap water that contains fluoride to brew their tea, putting millions of people in great risk.

With this in mind, it’s hard to believe this is the first time in history that the true levels of fluoride in tea were exposed and tested in large amounts.

But I’m not surprised another person or organization has not done such a thing before, as it takes thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to do so.

tea cup with label: caution, fluoride

This should be the responsibility of the government.

Yet the government not only let’s teas with deadly levels of fluoride to be sold in stores, it also puts the classified neurotoxin into your water (5).

Either way, it was a pleasure to be the one bringing you this information.

Lastly, even if you’re not a pregnant woman, taking care of young children, or a health-conscious individual, everyone will benefit by not putting poison into their bodies.

But the only thing standing in the way of helping millions of others, is being aware of this information.

So if you can, share this article with as many people as you know.


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is There Green Tea Without Fluoride?

Out of all 329+ teas tested, there are no green teas without fluoride.

But there is the Matcha Ginger Buzz from Rishi that only contains 0.2 ppm of fluoride which is the lowest levels of all the teas currently tested.

2. Does Chamomile Tea Have Fluoride?

Chamomile tea does not contain fluoride. In fact, all 12 chamomile teas tested contained 0.0 ppm of fluoride.

3. What Are The Best Fluoride Free Tea Brands?

While testing all of these teas, I also tasted all of the teas that were fluoride-free.

And I’d have to say, these are the best fluoride-free brands:

  • Celestial Organics
  • Pukka
  • Stash
  • Traditional Medicinals

4. How Does Boiling Water Effect Fluoride?

You might think boiling your water for tea would get rid of fluoride like it does with chlorine and germs but in does boiling water remove fluoride, boiling water was found to have zero effect on fluoride levels.

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