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3 Best Fluoride Water Filters In 2021 (33+ Brands Tested)

Since water is the largest source of fluoride you’ll come across in your life, water filters that remove fluoride seem like a great idea.

But after testing 33+ filters, I realized many of these “fluoride” water filters DO NOT filter fluoride.

So to help you avoid being tricked, I’ve put together a list of the best water filters that remove fluoride.

IMPORTANT: Message About “Fluoride” Water Filters

Before we get into the real list of the best fluoride water filters, here’s something for you.

The unfortunate truth is that if you trust a brand or read “reviews” from other websites, you’ll probably choose a “fluoride” water filter that can NOT remove fluoride.

So to help you avoid making a mistake and because I can’t talk about every single filter, I’ll share the fluoride test results of all the filters I’ve tested.

This way in case you buy a filter I don’t recommend, you can double check if it can remove fluoride – before buying it.

And all you have to do is enter your email below and I’ll send it to you right away.

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water filters

In fact, not only have I tested all these filters, I’ve also used every single one.

So not only will you know if a filter can or can’t remove fluoride, you’ll know if it’s worth buying.

Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride (33+ Brands Tested)

water filters that remove fluoride

While you’re reading my top picks, you may think there are not many options to choose from.

But that’s the point, there’s no need to over complicate it.

After doing all the dirty work, I’ve made it very easy to choose a filter…

You either want one of three options:

  • a pitcher,
  • countertop filter, or
  • a filter to stick under your sink

And the best part is by spending the next 5 minutes reading this article, you’ll know exactly which water filter that CAN remove fluoride is best for you.

However, if you’re looking for a different type of water filter that removes fluoride, it’s mostly likely not on this list because it can NOT remove fluoride (more on this in the email I sent you with the fluoride test results).

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Best Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher: Clearly Filtered

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Fluoride Reduction: 98%

Verified by Truth About Fluoride

clearly filtered water pitcher

Pitchers are the most popular type of water filters but not all brands can remove fluoride.

For example, Brita filters are the most well-known when I tested it with a fluoride meter, it was clear that Brita filters are unable to remove fluoride.

But even certain Amazon best-selling “fluoride” water filter pitchers claim they can filter fluoride but actually have zero effect (Aquagear, Epic Nano, Waterdrop – just to name a few)

In fact, you can probably count on one hand how many pitchers can remove fluoride.

So if you’re looking for a pitcher that CAN remove fluoride, the best option is Clearly Filtered.

Especially when you consider their filter quality compared to others.

clearly filtered filter

As unlike Brita and many other brands, when I tested Clearly Filtered with a fluoride meter, it reduced fluoride levels from 0.6 ppm all the way down to 0.0 ppm.

But the best part is, many fluoride water filter pitchers only last for 25-50 gallons before you need to replace the filter.

While Clearly Filtered lasts for 100 gallons.

Saving you money down the road.

Note: if you plan on buying the pitcher, you should buy from Clearly Filtered (link to their website) and not Amazon. The price you pay will be cheaper and shipping time is the exact same if not faster through Clearly Filtered.

👍 What I Like…

  • Cheap: most inexpensive option to get started drinking fluoride-free water
  • Portable: can move it around easily and take it places (camping, BBQs and even on vacation)
  • Small size: easily fits inside a fridge
  • Removes fluoride: removed ALL fluoride from my tap water

👎 What I DON’T Like…

  • Capacity: smallest of all the filters I recommend (10 cups or 80oz)
  • Slower filtration speed: slightly slower than other pitchers but that’s probably because it’s filtering water properly

Best Portable Fluoride Water Filter: Berkey

Big Berkey Filter

Fluoride Reduction: 99.75%

Verified by Truth About Fluoride

fluoride filter big berkey

When it comes to the best fluoride water filters, there aren’t many that can beat a Berkey.

It’s easy to use, requires minimal installation and filters water extremely well.

Now there are many other gravity-fed filters like Berkey but there’s a reason why Berkey is the most popular…

They’re the best.

Which is exactly why when tested, the Berkey was able to reduce fluoride levels from 0.6 ppm all the way down to 0.0 ppm.

And that shouldn’t be a surprise since Berkey filters (pictured below) are so good they’re classified as water purifiers.

black and white berkey filters

But the best part is how long these filters will last you.

The white filters last for 1000 gallons and are in charge of removing fluoride and arsenic.

While the black filters remove everything else and last for 6000 gallons.

Now if you go with a different brand you may save some money but you won’t get the same quality.

And when it comes to fluoride water filters, sacrificing on quality equals less toxins being removed, shorter filter lifespans, and filter clogging problems.

Which means the only hard part should be picking the right size Berkey.

Now I explain how to pick the right size at the end of this article but in general I’ve found this to be true, Travel Berkey (good for 1 person), Big Berkey (2-4 people) and Royal Berkey (3-5+ people).

Note: The links I’ve included are for Berkey’s with just the black filters, make sure to add the white fluoride filters (link to product page) to your order. For some weird reason it’s cheaper buying it separately.

👍 What I Like…

  • Minimal installation: connection to water supply line is not required
  • Portable: can move it around easily and take it places (camping, BBQs, and even on vacation)
  • Removes fluoride: removed ALL fluoride from my tap water and many other contaminants
  • Stainless steel: durable and won’t corrode or rust, allowing it to last a very, very long time
  • Versatile: can filter all types of water: tap water, well water, lake water
  • Longest filter life: compared to similar brands, Berkey filters last the longest and perform the best

👎 What I DON’T Like…

  • Manual filling: water needs to be put into the top section manually
  • Cost: pretty penny to buy but over-time your money comes back through saving on frequent filter replacements compared to water pitchers and bottled water costs

Best Reverse Osmosis System: APEC

APEC Reverse Osmosis

Fluoride Reduction: 97.7%

Verified by Truth About Fluoride

fluoride filter APEC reverse osmosis

In my opinion, I’d say reverse osmosis is the best way on how to remove fluoride from water (mainly because of the benefits described below).

And to no surprise, in does reverse osmosis remove fluoride – the reverse osmosis filter was shown to reduce fluoride levels from 0.6 ppm to 0.0 ppm.

But putting aside it’s amazing water quality, the best part about a reverse osmosis system is that once you install it, you don’t have to do anything.

All you have to do is turn on the tap and you’ll have filtered water whenever you want it. Plus you get the water extremely fast, for example, it takes about 30 seconds to fill up an entire kettle (pictured below).

reverse osmosis filling up tea kettle

However there are endless amounts of options to choose from, so it’s not easy choosing between reverse osmosis filters.

But after years of being in this field, it’s clear that reverse osmosis filters from APEC are a very good choice.

In fact, before I chose APEC I bought another brand but quickly returned it because it started to leak.

Which is common with certain brands.

So in other words, if you’re looking for the best, go with APEC.

👍 What I Like…

  • Water quality: can filter up to 99% of contaminants and was labelled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the most efficient at removing all disease-causing organisms and chemical contaminants
  • Automatic: after installation, water is automatically filtered and stored in a tank. All you have to do is flip a handle to pour yourself a glass of water
  • Endless water: produces more water than you can drink and filters last for a year
  • Cheap: produces water for the cheapest cost per gallon

👎 What I DON’T Like…

  • DIY installation required: more effort is required for installation but can easily be done by anyone

Which Filter Is Best For Me? (Buying Guide)

If you’re not sure which fluoride water filter to choose, that’s okay…

I remember how frustrated and confused I was the first time buying a filter.

But considering these are the top 3 water filters that remove fluoride, the only hard choice should be choosing the one that’s best for you.

And to make that as simple as possible, all you have to do is answer 3 quick questions…

1. How many people will be using the filter?

I’d suggest a water filter pitcher if there are 1-2 people using it.

If more people use the pitcher, you’ll have to replace the filters more often and that’ll get pretty pricey.

While with the other two filters, the amount of people using the filter isn’t an issue since those filters can last for 1000’s of gallons.

2. Do I want to pay a little more now, but save a lot later?

In general, the more expensive the filter, the more you’ll save when using it.

This is why all three filters (Clearly Filtered, Berkey and APEC) cost more than other brands but their filters last longer which means you’ll save money on replacements.

But how much it’ll cost to maintain also depends on the type of filter.

For example, below I’ve put together a chart on all three filters if a family of 3 were to use each one.

water filters that remove fluoride price chart

So when it comes to a water filter pitcher, 1-2 people using it is okay.

But with a family of 3 or more, it would start to get expensive.

So the main point here is that if lots of people are using the filter, you should consider getting the Berkey or APEC.

3. Do I want a portable filter?

Now to make things a little more clear, you should decide if you want a portable filter.

For example, with a portable filter you can take it to a BBQ, picnic and for those that rent, you’ll have no problem taking it with you if you have to change homes.

For instance, if I could only choose one filter I’d go with one that I can take with me on vacation.

Which I’d be able to do with Clearly Filtered or the Berkey.

Now unlike these two filters, the reverse osmosis filter from APEC can’t be moved around easily and requires basic plumbing work.

So with all of this in mind, I’d go with your favorite out of the three options.

And if you still don’t know, send me a message and I’ll help you choose (you can find my contact information at the bottom of this page).

How to Choose The Right Size Berkey?

different berkey water filter models

I’ve taken the hardest part about getting a Berkey and turned it stress-free, choosing the right size.

Berkeys come in different sizes and the most popular model is the one I have, the Big Berkey.

It’s not the biggest like it’s name implies but it is the most popular.

However the Berkey model best for you depends on how many people are going to be using the filter.

Obviously the bigger the filter the more water it holds.

And every model I recommended comes with two black filters and two white (fluoride) filters.

So besides holding more water, the bigger the size means the more filters you can fit which makes the rate of filtering faster.

For example, in the table above, under “Fully Loaded” you’ll see the maximum number of filters you can fit into each model

And under “Maximum Filter Rate” you’ll see how fast it will filter with ALL filter spots filled inside.

berkey black and white fluoride filter placement

You can also get one of the bigger sizes, with a larger water storage and not use all the filter holes in the Berkey.

That’s exactly what I do with my Big Berkey.

I only use 2 black filters at the top, with 2 fluoride filters attached to the bottom and plug the other two holes (pictured above).

Now to buy the right size for yourself, first match the number of people that will be using the Berkey;

So whatever number you choose, you’ll always have 2 options to choose from.

For example, if 4 people are going to use it, you’ll see that the Big Berkey and Royal Berkey would be your options.

In this case, both options would satisfy your needs but if you think you use more water than the average person, choose the larger size.

Concluding Thoughts

By simply using a water filter that removes fluoride, you’re making a decision that might as well save your life.

Or at the very least help you avoid serious health consequences caused by fluoride.

So instead of having fluoride attack the health of your bones, brain and organs with each glass of water you drink.

You’ll have water that helps fuel your body and keeps you healthy.

Now thankfully, you’ve dodged a bullet but many others are still reading outdated information.

Which means they’re using water filters that do NOT remove fluoride or plan on buying one by mistake.

So if you could take a second and share this article, you’ll help expose the truth about fluoride and might just save someone’s health (use the buttons found below).

Anyways, I hope this article helped!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do you recommend any other filters?

I do not… There really isn’t any reason to choose a different brand. Especially when it comes to reverse osmosis or gravity fed filters, the APEC and Berkey are the best and nothing comes close. Now you might want to get a different pitcher other than Clearly Filtered because of price but remember Clearly Filtered lasts longer than any other brand. So you pay a little more when you buy it but you’ll save a lot in replacement filters, compared to other brands.

2. I have a question, can you help?

Of course, sign up for the email list and you’ll have direct access to my official email.

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