Uncovering The Hidden Truth About Fluoride

Fluoride’s toxicity is destroying the health of millions around the world. Yet somehow it has found its way into your water, tea, and food. With the “best” part being, you’re told it’s “good” for you…

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Welcome to Truth About Fluoride

Your one-stop destination for everything fluoride related. Even if you’re a complete beginner or someone that knows a lot about fluoride, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn the dangers fluoride poses and all the steps needed to eliminate it from your daily life. Enjoy!

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The Story Behind The Website

When I first started learning about fluoride I could not believe how little trustworthy and accurate information there was online (not a good thing when you consider fluoride is a classified neurotoxin).

So naturally, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I created this website and started to fill in the gaps. For example, before companies would lie that their filters could remove fluoride, including many Amazon best-sellers. But now after testing 33+ filters, we have a certified list of water filters that remove fluoride (one of many examples).

In general, I try to make it easy for you to trust me. Everything I say or recommend is backed by science, independent testing and/or real-life experience.

Now fast-forward a couple years, half a million visitors, and thousands of daily readers. Truth About Fluoride has become the #1 resource for reliable and useful fluoride information (people like real news, who would have guessed!).


Whenever the truth is spoken about fluoride, it’s often said to lack “credibility”. For this reason, I’ve dealt with this lie by running this website with the following 3 principles in mind…

Evidence Based

Information is based on the latest and most accurate scientific literature

Independently Tested

Independently tested (water filters, teas, bottled water, etc.) to ensure unbiased results

Self Funded

solely funded by me + donations made by readers (no conflicts of interest)

Now besides water, here are some other sources of fluoride you should be aware of…


The most overlooked but potent source of fluoride many people come across in daily life. As fluoride in tea can contain up to 6X the fluoride content found in tap water.


Toothpastes contain the highest concentration of fluoride among all sources. Even if it’s not swallowed, fluoride in toothpaste can be problematic.


Since kombucha is made from tea leaves. Fluoride in kombucha can reach up to 3X the fluoride found in tap water. While some brands contain much less.


Fluoride in cookware is commonly found in pots and pans that claim to be “stick-free”. However, the good news is that there are safer and just as effective alternatives.


Thankfully fluoride in coffee is naturally low but unfortunately, many coffee beans that are sprayed with pesticides may contain fluoride in the form of sulfuryl fluoride.


Since beer is naturally low in fluoride, when it comes to fluoride in beer, the only factor to consider is the water used during brewing (article coming soon).

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