do brita filters remove fluoride? tested with a fluoride meter

Do Brita Filters Remove Fluoride? (BOUGHT + TESTED)

As the most popular filter it’s only fair to ask, do Brita filters remove fluoride?

A great question when you consider what fluoride does to human health:

Clearly, no one would want such a toxic substance in their water.

So let’s uncover the truth about fluoride.

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Do Brita Filters Remove Fluoride?

Since water is the largest source of fluoride exposure, filtering your water is a great place to start.

It’ll allow you to reduce fluoride exposure not only when you drink water, but also lower fluoride in coffee, fluoride in tea and eliminate the absorption of fluoride in food when cooking.

So let’s figure out if Brita filters remove fluoride.

And to do so, we have to start off by testing the water before filtering…

tap water tested with fluoride meter with a result of 0.6 ppm

According to the fluoride meter, there is 0.6 ppm of fluoride in my tap water.

Which means it’s time to test the Brita filter.

brita filters tested with a fluoride meter, result 0.6ppm of fluoride, no change

So, do Brita filters remove fluoride?

According to the fluoride meter, Brita filters do NOT remove fluoride.

In fact, using a Brita filter had no effect on the fluoride levels, leaving us with the same amount of fluoride as prior to filtering.

However, I have good news…

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Which Water Filter Pitcher CAN Remove Fluoride?

After testing over 30+ water filters for fluoride, there are only a few pitchers that CAN remove fluoride.

In fact there are even some Amazon best sellers that say they can filter fluoride but have zero effect.

For example, in does Aquagear remove fluoride, Aquagear failed to filter any fluoride from my tap water. And yet, it’s somehow the most famous “fluoride” water filter pitcher.

So if you want a pitcher that CAN remove fluoride, your best bet is Clearly Filtered.

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Fluoride Reduction: 98%

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Fluoride Reduction: 98%

Note: if you plan on buying the pitcher, you should buy from Clearly Filtered (link to their website) and not Amazon. The price you pay will be cheaper and shipping time is the exact same if not faster through Clearly Filtered.

And unlike Aquagear and Brita, in does Clearly Filtered remove fluoride, Clearly Filtered was able to remove fluoride.

As it took fluoride levels from 0.6 ppm all the way down to 0.0 ppm.

Not to mention, Clearly Filtered comes with a lifetime warranty and their filters last for 100 gallons.

Longer than any other water filter pitcher.

Why Do Brita Filters Not Filter Fluoride?

man standing in front of black board trying to solve a problem

Since fluoride is a difficult contaminant to filter, not many water filter pitchers can remove it.

And that’s because brands like Brita use the wrong technology (active carbon and ion exchange resin) that has zero effect on fluoride and other common water contaminants.

Now besides a few water filter pitchers, only distillers and reverse osmosis systems can reliably remove fluoride.

Both of which have been shown in their individual articles, does reverse osmosis remove fluoride and does distilling water remove fluoride, to reduce fluoride content in water to 0.0 ppm.

Other Filters That Can Remove Fluoride?

We know that fluoride is hard to filter and many brands lie about their filters being able to remove fluoride.

Making it very hard to choose the right filter.

Now obviously, I think Clearly Filtered is the best fluoride water filter pitcher.

But maybe you don’t want a pitcher or maybe you’re not sure what you want.

So to help you avoid being fooled, I’ve taken the fluoride test results of 25+ water filters and put it into one PDF.

And all you have to do is enter your email and hit the green button, then I’ll send the results straight to you.

Enter your email below to receive fluoride test results on 25+ water filters!

water filters

This way, whatever filter you choose you’ll be able to double check if it really removes fluoride.

While if you’re not sure what kind of filter you want, take a look at my guide on fluoride water filters (link to guide).

That’s where after going through 25+ filters I’ve narrowed it down to the 3 best filters and help you choose the right one, all in under 10 minutes.

So by using the PDF and guide, you’ll be 100% confident you’re drinking safe water.

Which not many people can say.

Anyways, that concludes the do Brita filters remove fluoride article.


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