fluoride in coffee

Fluoride In Coffee: Ranking & Guide (238+ Coffees Tested)

It seems like fluoride has found its way into many things, but is there fluoride in coffee?

The beverage that millions around the world rely on everyday to get their day started.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that there is very little research in regards to fluoride in coffee.

However, there is good news

Truth About Fluoride has new information after testing over 238+ samples of coffee for fluoride.

What We Already Know About Fluoride In Coffee

4 cups of coffee held in hand

When it comes to coffee, it’s a bit more unique than other sources of fluoride.

For instance, fluoride content in coffee is not “high”, especially compared to fluoride in tea or even fluoride in kombucha.

However, studies have shown that plasma fluoride concentrations are higher by up to 100% when fluoride is ingested alongside caffeine (like when drinking coffee) compared to ingestion alongside water.1,2

Suggesting an increased initial absorption rate of fluoride within the body.

In other words, lower levels of fluoride may have a stronger effect.

Which is bad news if you’d like to avoid fluoride’s health effects:

On the bright side, it’s not all bad news…

In just minutes, you’ll know exactly what you need to know to avoid fluoride in coffee.

How Much Fluoride Is In Coffee?

bags of coffee in store aisle

Considering there is very little and consistent research on fluoride in coffee, this leaves us with only one option to answer this all-important question…

To buy a bunch of different coffees and test them for fluoride.

And that’s exactly what was done, as I’ve been able to test 238+ types of coffee.

To be exact, 87 whole beans, 14 Nespressos, 118 pods, 16 instant packs, and 2 cold brews.

All of which have been organized into a table you can search and filter, to hopefully find the coffee you currently drink.

5 Tips On Using The Table

To better help you use the table, here are a few tips.

1) Use The Search Bar…

You can search the exact brand or flavor of coffee by entering it’s name into the search bar.

fluoride in coffee table tip 1: search a brand or flavor with the search bar

2) Sort Fluoride Content In Coffee From High or Low…

By clicking on “Fluoride” once, you’ll sort the fluoride content in coffee from low to high.

While if you click on it two times, the fluoride content will show from high to low.

fluoride in coffee table tip 2: click "fluoride" to sort from high or low

3) Narrow Your Search By Using The Filters…

By clicking on “type” you’ll be able to sort through a variety of coffees (cold brew, instant, Nespresso, pods, and whole beans).

While if you click on “roast” you’ll be able to look through light, medium, and dark roasts.

fluoride in coffee table tip 3: sort by roast & type of coffee

4) Sort Through Coffee That Is Approved…

By clicking on “Approved?” and then selecting “YES”, you’ll be able to see which coffees are approved by Truth About Fluoride.

Being approved means the coffee is safe in regards to fluoride and does not contain any other dangerous ingredients (more on this later).

In addition, only approved coffees will have their name in blue text, which when clicked on, will bring you to the exact coffee I tested, on the Amazon website.

fluoride in coffee table tip 4: sort through approved coffee

5) Combine ALL Tips To Find Your New Favorite Coffee…

After going through this entire article, for the sake of your health – you’ll probably want to experiment trying a new coffee.

So let’s say you want to find toxic-free, dark-roast whole beans.

To do this, first click on roast and select “Dark“, then select type and click on “Whole Beans“, and lastly, click on approved and select “YES“.

table tip 5: combine tips, dark + whole beans + approved

Fluoride Content On 238+ Tested Coffees (Searchable Table)

Before we get to the results, I must say, when you take a look at the table…

You’ll notice there is very little to no fluoride in coffee.

However, that’s not all you should know and I highly recommend you read the next section after the table to explain everything.

For example, there could be “hidden” fluoride that is undetectable to testing along with other sneaky ways fluoride can enter your cup of coffee.

Now, here’s what you came for…

BalzacsA Dark AffairDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
BlazacsBlazac’s BlendMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
BlazacsEspressoDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
BlazacsFarmers BlendMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
BulletproofThe OriginalMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
ExcelsiorBar ExtraMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Kicking HorseCliff Hanger EspressoMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Kicking HorseDecafDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Kicking HorseGrizzly ClawDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Kicking HorseHalf AssDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Kicking HorseHoodoo JoMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Kicking HorseHolaLightWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Kicking HorsePacific PipelineMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Kicking HorseSmart AssMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Kicking HorseThree SistersMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Kicking Horse454 Horse PowerDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Kicking HorseZ-WranglerMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
LavazzaClassicoMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaGran AromaLightWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaIntensoDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaPerfettoDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaRossaMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Marley CoffeeOne LoveMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Marley CoffeeSimmer Down DecafMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
MelittaDarkDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
MelittaEspresso BellacremaDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
MelittaHazelnut CremeMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Melitta100% ColombianMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
McCafeEspressoDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
NabobFull City DarkDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Nabob1896 TraditionMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Nabob1896 Traition DecafMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestAfrican BlendMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestCanadian BlendLight MediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestCentral America BlendMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestEspressoMedium DarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestIndonesian BlendMedium DarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestMidnight BlendDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestSignature BlendMedium DarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestSouth American BlendMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Our Finest100% ColombianMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
PC OrganicsBlack Cold BrewDarkCold Brew0.2 ppmNO
President’s ChoiceColombian SupremoLightWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
President’s ChoiceColombian SupremoMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
President’s ChoiceCosta RicaMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
President’s ChoiceEthiopiaMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
President’s ChoiceGourmet West CoastDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
President’s ChoiceGourmet MediumMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
PC OrganicsDarkDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
PC OrganicsMediumMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
PC OrganicsMedium DarkMedium DarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
PC OrganicsDecafMedium DarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Segafredo ZanettiBrillanteLightWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Segafredo ZanettiCrescendoMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Segafredo ZanettiEnzoDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
SavorDark RoastDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
SavorMedium RoastMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksCaffe VeronaDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksCosta RicaMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksFrench RoastDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksFrench Roast, OrganicDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksHouse Blend, DecafMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksIced Coffee, UnsweetenedMediumCold Brew0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksKenyaMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksItalian RoastDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksPike Place RoastMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksSumatraDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksYukon, OrganicMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsBold RoastDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsDark RoastDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsFrench VanillaMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsHazelnutMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsOriginal BlendMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Tim Hortons100% ColombianMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Timothy’sBreakfast BlendLightWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Timothy’sColombian ExcelenciaMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteColombian MediumMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteOriginal House BlendMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteVanilla HazelnutMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
ZavidaHazelnut VanillaMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
1850Lantern GlowLightWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
1850Midnight GoldDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
1850Pioneer BlendMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmNO
Barista PrimaFrench RoastDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Barista PrimaItalian RoastDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Donut HouseDonut House CoffeeLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Donut ShopRegularMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Eight O’ClockHazelnutMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Eight O’ClockThe OriginalMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Eight O’Clock100% Colombian PeaksMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Ethical Bean CoffeeClassicMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Ethical Bean CoffeeLushMedium DarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Ethical Bean CoffeeSuper DarkDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
FolgersBlack SilkDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
FolgersCaramel DrizzleMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
FolgersClassic RoastMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
FolgersHazelnut CreamMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
FolgersIntensely DarkDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
FolgersLively ColombianMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
FolgersLively Colombian DecafMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
FolgersMocha SwirlLight MediumPods0.0 ppmNO
FolgersMorning CafeLightPods0.0 ppmNO
FolgersVanilla BiscottiMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Great ValueDark Roast CoffeeDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Great ValueLight Roast CoffeeLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Great ValueMedium Roast CoffeeMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
illyClassicoMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
illyIntensoDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Jumping BeanDeep Water DarkDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Jumping BeanEast Coast RoastMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Jumping BeanLightHouse RoastLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Jumping BeanNewfoundland ScreechMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
KahluaOriginalLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Krispy KremeHouse RoastLight MediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Newman’s OwnNewman’s Special DecafMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
NabobBold Full City DarkDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
NabobBold Midnight EclipseDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
NabobBreakfastMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
NabobCoastal BlendLight MediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Nabob100% ColombianMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
NescafeFrench VanillaDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
NescafeOriginal BlendDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Nescafe GoldColombiaMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Nescafe GoldDark RoastDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Nescafe GoldEthiopiaLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Nescafe GoldMedium RoastMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Nescafe GoldOrganicLightPods0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaClassicoMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaGran SelezioneDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Marley CoffeeBuffalo SoldierMedium DarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Marley CoffeeGet Up Stand UpLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Marley CoffeeLively UpDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Marley CoffeeOne LoveMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Marley CoffeeSimmer Down DecafMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Maxwell HouseDark RoastDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Maxwell HouseDecafMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Maxwell HouseFrench VanillaMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
House BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Maxwell HouseMax Boost 1.5X CaffeineMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Maxwell HouseOriginal RoastMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Maxwell HouseMorning BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
McCafePremium RoastMedium DarkPods0.0 ppmNO
McCafePremium Roast, DecaffeinatedMedium DarkPods0.0 ppmNO
MuskokaBlack BearDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
MuskokaHowling WolfMedium DarkPods0.0 ppmNO
MuskokaLoon Call Breakfast BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
MuskokaMuskoka MapleMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
One CoffeeBreakfast BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
One CoffeeColombian BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
One CoffeeFrench RoastDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestCanadian BlendLight MediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestCanadian Blend, DecaffeinatedLight MediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestEspresso BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestFrench VanillaLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestMidnight BlendDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestRoasted HazelnutLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestSalted CaramelLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Our FinestSignature BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Our Finest100% ColombianMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
President's ChoiceGourmet DecaffeinatedMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
President's ChoiceGourmet Medium RoastMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
PC OrganicsDark RoastDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
PC OrganicsMedium DarkMedium DarkPods0.0 ppmNO
PC OrganicsMedium Dark, DecaffeinatedMedium DarkPods0.0 ppmNO
President's ChoiceThe Great CanadianLight MediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Segafredo ZanettiBrillanteLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Segafredo ZanettiCrescendoMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Segafredo ZanettiEnzoDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Segafredo ZanettiVivaceMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksCaffe VeronaDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksCaramelMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksFrench RoastDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksHouse BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksHouse Blend, DecafMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksItalian RoastDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksPike PlaceMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksSumatraDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksTrue North BlendLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsDark RoastDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsDecafMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsEspresso RoastDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsFrench VanillaMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsFrench Vanilla CappuccinoMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsHazelnutMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsOriginal BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Tim Hortons100% ColombianMedium DarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Timothy’sBreakfast BlendLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Timothy’sColombian La VeredaMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Timothy’sExtra DarkDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteChocolate Raspberry TruffleDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteColombian DarkDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteColombian MediumMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteEspresso Dolce CremaMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteEspresso SuperioreDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteFrench VanillaLightPods0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteHouse Blend DarkDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteOriginal House BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteOriginal House Blend, DecafMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
Van HoutteVanilla HazelnutLightPods0.0 ppmNO
1850Midnight GoldDarkPods0.0 ppmNO
1850Pioneer BlendMediumPods0.0 ppmNO
NabobBold Full City DarkDarkInstant0.0 ppmNO
NescafeRich, Double FilterMediumInstant0.0 ppmNO
NescafeSweet & Creamy CaramelMediumInstant0.0 ppmNO
NescafeSweet & Creamy French VanillaMediumInstant0.0 ppmNO
NescafeSweet & Creamy MochaMediumInstant0.0 ppmNO
NescafeSweet & Creamy OriginalMediumInstant0.0 ppmNO
NescafeTaster’s Choice ClassicMediumInstant0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksVanilla LatteMediumInstant0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksColombiaMediumInstant0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksFrench RoastDarkInstant0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksItalian RoastDarkInstant0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksPike PlaceMediumInstant0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksTrue NorthLightInstant0.0 ppmNO
Tim HortonsPremium Instant CoffeeMediumInstant0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaArmonicoMediumNespresso0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaAvvolgenteDarkNespresso0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaDecaffeinato RiccoMediumNespresso0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaDecisoDarkNespresso0.0 ppmNO
LavazzaLeggeroDarkNespresso0.0 ppmNO
President's ChoiceAromatico LungoDarkNespresso0.0 ppmNO
President's ChoiceForteDarkNespresso0.0 ppmNO
President's ChoicePerfettoMediumNespresso0.0 ppmNO
President's ChoicePotenteDarkNespresso0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksBlonde Espresso RoastLightNespresso0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksEspresso RoastDarkNespresso0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksEspresso Roast, DecaffeinatedDarkNespresso0.0 ppmNO
StarbucksPike Place RoastMediumNespresso0.0 ppmNO
Peak PerformanceMedium RoastMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Peak PerformanceDecafMediumGrounded0.0 ppmYES
Peak PerformanceDark RoastDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Peak PerformanceNespresso CompatibleMediumNespresso0.0 ppmYES
Clean Coffee CoMedium DarkMedium DarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
MayorgaCafe CubanoDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Natural ForceClean CoffeeMediumWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Natural ForceClean CoffeeDarkWhole Beans0.0 ppmYES
Anthony'sInstant CoffeeMediumInstant0.0 ppmYES
Cafe AlturaInstant Organic CoffeeMediumInstant0.0 ppmYES

6 Important Things You Should Know About Coffee

women drinking coffee while on computer

Taking a look at the test results of over 238 coffee samples, it’s clear that coffee does not contain fluoride.

However, this is not entirely true.

Now let me tell you why…

1. Hidden Fluoride In Coffee?

When it comes to fluoride in coffee, this is where it gets interesting.

Specifically when you look at Sulfuryl fluoride.

A fumigant that’s widely used on many post-harvest foods, especially coffee beans.3

Now the way fumigation works, is by filling an enclosed area with gaseous fumigants to suffocate or poison the pests within. At that point, its toxic effect appears within the cells of the insects by disrupting glycolysis and other critical metabolic processes.4

sign of sulfuryl fluoride being used as a fumigant

However, it’s toxic effects don’t stop at insects and pests…

Especially when you consider the residue leftover.

In addition, taking a look at the Federal Register shows us federal allowances (USA) for inorganic fluoride residues in food fumigated with sulfuryl fluoride fall into toxic levels that are known to cause serious health complications, including crippling skeletal fluorosis.4

Shockingly, these new allowances allow up to 15 ppm of inorganic fluoride residue on coffee, while sulfuryl fluoride residue is capped at 1 ppm.3

Unfortunately, the EPA is well aware of this and sulfuryl fluoride will not be disconnected anytime soon.

Thankfully there’s an easy solution explained in the next section.

2. Pesticides In Coffee

man spraying pesticides on coffee plant

To add insult to injury, coffee beans are among the most heavily sprayed crops in the world.

Beans are steeped in synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides- creating a swirling cocktail of toxins in your morning cup of coffee.

All of which is confirmed in a recent search of the BC Global database on pesticides, which listed 45 different pesticides that are currently used on coffee in the USA.5

Not to mention, several of these pesticides have the ability to wreak havoc on human health.

As many studies have linked increased pesticide exposure to cancer, fertility issues, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and even birth defects. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

danger, pesticides sprayed on plant sign

Despite all of this, chemical usage continues to grow all over the world.

Which means it’s up to you to protect yourself.

And thankfully, it’s quite easy.

Buy organic coffee and most importantly, buy from a brand that prides itself in doing it the right way.

3. Fluoride In Store-Bought Coffee? (Starbucks, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, etc)

Up until now, we’ve been talking about coffee made at home with filtered water.

Water that does not contain fluoride.

But what if you buy your coffee at a coffee shop like Starbucks?

Do they use filtered water or do they serve you coffee with tap water, that contains a mix of fluoride, chlorine and a dash of lead?

starbucks coffee cup

Thankfully, I’ve been able to test samples from dozens of different stores.

Unfortunately, to keep this article to only one table I’ve decided to send the results through email (don’t worry I won’t spam you with emails, I’m too busy reading about fluoride).

But before you fill out your information below let’s just say I was shocked and disappointed.

Enter your email below to receive fluoride test results on 14+ coffee shops!

transparent coffee cups

Especially when you consider it would cost stores a couple pennies to filter their water.

So imagine going to Starbucks, paying $24 for a cup of coffee, only to have tap water used…

Which brings us to the next point.

4. Make Sure You Use Fluoride-Free Water

Since coffee beans naturally don’t contain fluoride, the only other concern is the water you use.

And let’s not forget that ingesting fluoride with caffeine results in more fluoride being absorbed into your body.

Something that can easily be avoided if you use bottled water without fluoride (list of fluoride levels for 114+ brands).

Or the more cost-friendly and convenient option of water filters that remove fluoride (link to my guide where I’ve tested 33+ filters and give you the top 3 to choose from).

Now the most popular and easiest way of getting started, would have to be getting a pitcher from Clearly Filtered (best brand of all the filters I’ve tested).

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Fluoride Reduction: 98%

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Fluoride Reduction: 98%

Note: if you plan on buying the pitcher, you should buy from Clearly Filtered (link to their website) and not Amazon. The price you pay will be cheaper and shipping time is the exact same if not faster through Clearly Filtered.

It’s important to know, not all filters remove fluoride and many brands lie.

That’s why I’d suggest for reasons outlined in the water filters guide, to stick to either reverse osmosis, gravity-fed filters like the Berkey, or Clearly Filtered.

As demonstrated in does reverse osmosis remove fluoride and do Berkey water filter remove fluoride– both filtered tap water all the way down to 0.0 ppm of fluoride.

As well as doing it for pennies per gallon.

And no, for those wondering, as shown in does boiling water remove fluoride, boiling water can NOT remove fluoride.

5. Does Roasting Remove Or Transform Fluoride?

After testing hundreds of coffee’s only to see 0.0 ppm each and every time, a new thought emerged.

I thought maybe coffee beans contain fluoride but the process of roasting either removed or transformed the fluoride, making it undetectable to fluoride testing.

To confirm this possibility I decided to get my hands on unroasted green coffee beans.

green bean coffee beans

Once I found a coffee roastery, I bought 24 different samples of green beans, made green bean coffee, and tested for fluoride.

The results…

Each and every sample, came back fluoride-free.

Confirming that green coffee beans also do not contain fluoride.

Now, you’d think coffee would get my stamp of approval since it’s fluoride-free.

But there’s one last thing you should know.

6. What Coffee Do I Recommend?

women choosing coffee in store aisle

The goal here is to enjoy a cup of coffee while minimizing the effect it has on your health.

With this in mind, choosing a coffee that does not contain fluoride, pesticides, and other toxins is a great place to start.

And after going through more coffee than I could have ever imagined, a few brands stuck out.

Natural Force and Clean Coffee Co (links to Amazon) are by far the best quality, pride themselves in doing it the right way and most importantly, make their coffee quality lab results available to the public.

While a cheaper but great alternative would be Kicking Horse.

Concluding Thoughts

At this point you’ve learned everything you need to know about fluoride in coffee.

But let’s not forget, if you continue drinking coffee it’s very important to eliminate all fluoride exposure.

As stated before, caffeine helps fluoride absorb into the body.

So I’d highly suggest visiting the fluoride detox page, where you’ll go through the 8 steps to completely eliminate fluoride exposure and detox your body of stored fluoride.

Or even better, you should complete the 28-Day Fluoride Detox Program (link to sign up page).

Lastly, here are a few other useful resources:

Anyways, that’s all for this article.

I lied, one last thing!

If you have a few seconds, share this article with your friends and family using the sharing buttons found at the bottom of the screen (phone) or to the left (computer).

With so many people drinking coffee now a days, you’re bound to help someone by sharing this information.


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