Approved Advertisements

Long story short,

Approved advertisements are from brands that I know sell high quality products. In fact, the best of the best. So showing them in articles has no downside but helps fund everything we do on the website (buying & testing products, along with all other expenses).

A true win-win situation.

Now for the longer explanation…

I never thought I’d put any ads on this website.

The main reason for that, I did not want someone to read an article then have a random advertisement show on the website. As maybe it would misguide or distract someone.

For example,

Imagine reading an article about fluoride, then being shown an advertisement about a water filter that claims it can remove fluoride. You like how the ad looks, click on it, go to the website and end up buying it.

But here’s the problem…

What if that water filter is no good?

And it’s one of the many brands that falsely advertise their products.

That’s a problem.

And would be my fault.

You trusted my website and you saw something on it that led you to buy a bad product. So I wanted to avoid that… But now, I decided to show ads from brands I’m comfortable recommending without any worry.

And right now, the only brand I’m showing ads for is Modern Primal (the brand I started). Kind of easy to trust the quality of a brand you have 100% control over. But I’m looking to show other brands (Clearly Filtered, HomeMaster, etc.)

Why do you need ads?

To put this into perspective,

Over the last 2 years I’ve easily spent $60,000 on this website. But the donations I’ve received (which I’m very thankful for) equaled $4,000. This means there’s $56,000 missing. So instead of begging and bothering you for more donations, I decided to get creative in how this website funds itself.

Ads in articles.

Selling my own products.

Recommending other people’s products.

So instead of reading an article about fluoride in tea with just 25 teas tested. I’m able to test 357+ different teas. Instead of just testing a couple water filters, I’m able to test 40+ different ones. And so on…

But the best part,

I only tell you to buy the best of the best.

So I don’t see any negatives.

Hope that clears things up