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Do Vitapur Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

It’s time to ask the same question but with a different brand, do Vitapur water filters remove fluoride?

And to get to the bottom of this question, I did 3 things:

  1. Buy a Vitapur filter
  2. Test the water before filtering
  3. Test the water after filtering

Do Vitapur Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

vitapur water dispenser filtration system and vitapur water filter pitcher on countertop

To answer this question, we’re going to test both Vitapur filters.

The water filter pitcher and the water dispenser filtration system. As both contain different types of filters and could perform differently.

But before we get to testing the filters, we have to test the tap water.

That way we know the fluoride levels we’re starting with…

tap water tested for fluoride, 0.6 ppm result

According to the fluoride meter, the tap water contains 0.6 ppm of fluoride.

Now with that out of the way, it’s time to test the first Vitapur filter.

Vitapur Water Filter Pitcher

You know, the thing with water filter pitchers is that not all of them filter fluoride.

For example, filters like Brita can NOT remove fluoride while a brand like Zerowater CAN remove fluoride.

Which goes to show, the only way to know is to test.

So let’s test the Vitapur pitcher…

vitapur water filter pitcher tested for fluoride, 0.6 ppm result

So do Vitapur water filters remove fluoride?

According to the fluoride meter, the Vitapur water filter pitcher failed to remove any fluoride from the water. As fluoride levels remained at 0.6 ppm before and after filtering.

However, maybe there’s better luck with the other Vitapur filter.

Vitapur Water Dispenser Filtration System

Usually the bigger the filter, the more likely it is to filter fluoride.

So let’s see if this is true for Vitapur…

vitapurvitapur water dispenser filtration system tested for fluoride, 0.6 ppm result

According to the fluoride meter, the Vitapur water dispenser filtration system is unable to filter fluoride. Fluoride levels were 0.6 ppm before filtering and 0.6 ppm after filtering.

Which means both Vitapur filters, the water pitcher and the water dispenser filtration system, are unable to filter fluoride.

However, there is good news.

There are many filters that are able to filter fluoride.

Water Filters That Can Filter Fluoride?

It’s hard enough finding a filter that can remove fluoride.

But to make things more complicated, many brands lie about their filter being able to remove fluoride.

Which makes it nearly impossible to know for sure.

So with this in mind, I’ve decided to take all the fluoride test results of 33+ water filters and share them with you. This way you can double check if a filter can remove fluoride before buying it.

And all you have to do is enter your email below and I’ll send you the results right away.

Enter your email below to receive fluoride test results on 41+ water filters + my top picks!

water filters

In fact, this is the only way to truly know.

If you look around the internet you’ll see many websites believing the companies lies and recommending “fluoride” filters that don’t remove fluoride.

But thankfully, with the results I just sent you, you’ll be 100% confident you’re drinking fluoride-free water.

Now for those that want to know my top picks, I have one more thing to help…

A guide on water filters that remove fluoride (link to guide) which will show you the best filters and help you choose the right one. It includes reverse osmosis which is one of my favorite filters as it produces fluoride-free water and the reverse osmosis system costs are very low.

Anyways, there you have it, the truth about fluoride in regards to Vitapur water filters.


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