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Does Primo Water Have Fluoride?

A company that prides itself on quality, but does Primo water have fluoride?

A great question when you consider what fluoride is and does.

And to get this answer first we’ll look at their water quality report and then I’ll buy and test a bottle of Primo water with a fluoride meter, to double check their results.

Does Primo Water Have Fluoride?

primo bottled water from walmart

According to the Primo water quality report, Primo water does not contain fluoride. To be exact, their water contains “ND” amounts of fluoride, which stands for “non-detectable” and generally means less than 0.1 ppm.

Classifying Primo as fluoride-free water.

And below you’ll be able to see the Primo water report, with fluoride levels circled in red.

primo water report, fluoride levels, circled in red

This would rank Primo very well compared to the other 178+ brands at bottled water without fluoride, just as good as another brand that provides a similar service like Culligan. Who are also fluoride-free as shown in does Culligan water have fluoride.

But before we take their word on it, I went to Walmart, got some of their water, and tested it with a fluoride meter…

primo bottled water tested for fluoride, 0.6 ppm result

And according to the fluoride meter, Primo water contains 0.6 ppm of fluoride.

Which is a HUGE surprise and disappointment considering many people think they’re buying properly filtered water BUT instead are receiving what seems to be poorly filtered tap water.

Now I’m not sure why their water would contain 0.6 ppm of fluoride. Maybe they don’t filter the water or maybe they don’t maintain their filters. But either way, I can’t trust this brand and strongly recommend you find other ways of getting quality drinking water.

And with that being said, Primo water is best dumped back where it came from…

primo bottled water being disposed in sink

Now if you’d like to find a safe source of bottled water.

I’ve put together the fluoride levels of all 187+ brands and a list of brands that are healthy and safe to drink.

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This way not only will you know how much fluoride each and every brand has.

You’ll also know which brands are safe to drink and which brands to stay away from.

Alright, there you have it… the truth about fluoride in regards to Primo water.


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