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Does Topo Chico Water Have Fluoride?

Sparkling mineral water all the way from Monterrey, Mexico but does Topo Chico water have fluoride?

A great question when you consider the fact many sources of spring water are now becoming contaminated with fluoride.

So let’s get to the answer…

Does Topo Chico Water Have Fluoride?

topo chico bottled water

To figure out if Topo Chico water has fluoride, I decided to not ask the company but instead, I bought a bottle and tested it with a fluoride meter myself.

This way we are 100% certain about the results.

So without further adieu, let’s get to the answer…

Topo Chico bottled water tested for fluoride, 0.0 ppm result

According to the fluoride meter, Topo Chico mineral water contains 0.0 ppm of fluoride. Which makes it fluoride-free and safe to drink.

This would also rank Topo Chico with some of the lowest fluoride levels when compared to the other brands at bottled water without fluoride (link to where you can search the fluoride levels of 127+ brands of bottled water).

In fact, the fluoride levels are as low as nursery waters, which in does nursery water have fluoride was reported to contain 0.0 ppm of fluoride (minus the ones where they add fluoride).

But before we get carried away…

Best Bottled Water Without Fluoride?

When choosing the best bottled water to drink, fluoride is just one of many things to consider.

For example, even if a brand is low in fluoride or does not have it in general. It’s possible that it could contain other toxic substances like PFAS, plastic or even arsenic (Topo Chico is one of them – it’s high in PFAS).

So to make things a lot easier, I put together a list of the best brands and combined the fluoride levels of 127+ different brands.

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This way you’ll know the fluoride levels of each and every brand.

Also which ones are the best and which ones you should stay away from.

And that’s about it for this article.


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