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Fluoride Allergy (Symptoms and Treatment)

I know what you must be thinking, can I really have a fluoride allergy?

If I’m being honest, everyone has a “fluoride allergy”.

The truth about fluoride is that it has damaging effects on all of those that are exposed to it.

However, we won’t jump down that rabbit hole… yet.

For the purpose of this article we’re going to use “fluoride allergy” in reference to those who are hypersensitive to fluoride.

Can You Be Allergic To Fluoride?

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Yes, you can be allergic to fluoride.

Putting aside all the health effects, like fluoride’s effect on the pineal gland, the strong link between fluoride and Alzheimer’s and skeletal fluorosis.

There are certain people that can’t turn a blind eye to what fluoride does to them.

As through blind and double blind tests it has been shown that people could have allergic reactions to fluoride(1).

Leaving these individuals with fluoride induced symptoms and searching for answers.

Symptoms Of A Fluoride Allergy?

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It was first discovered in the 1950s, by renowned allergist George Wadbott that some individuals experienced allergic reactions to ingested fluoride(1).

The most common symptoms people experience from a fluoride allergy, are as follow:

  • Eczema – commonly as red and itchy skin
  • Hives – outbreak of swollen, pale red bumps
  • Epigastric Distress – pain or discomfort below your ribs
  • Weakness – feeling tired or mental weakness
  • Headache
  • Vomiting

You may be surprised to hear this but these symptoms are well known in medical resources like the “Physicians’ Desk Reference” – a commercially published compilation of manufacturers’ prescribing information on prescription drugs(2).

Sources Of Fluoride Allergies?

Allergic reactions have been reported for both topical fluorides (i.e., toothpaste) and systemic fluorides (i.e., fluoride supplements and fluoridated water)(1,3,4,5)

Now, as explained in what is fluoride, the type of fluoride does not matter when considering fluoride allergies.

This is due to fluoride (F-) being the active constituent and toxic part of any fluoride compound.

So whether it’s foods high in fluoride or fluoride in prescription drugs, it’s guaranteed to awaken your fluoride allergies.

Allergic Reaction to Fluoride Toothpaste?

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Most commonly, individuals realize their fluoride allergy through the use of their toothpaste.

Among the fluoride allergy symptoms, adverse skin reactions such as perioral dermatitis (rash around the mouth), stomatitis (sore or inflammation in the mouth), and urticaria (hives) are most commonly caused by the use of fluoride containing toothpastes.

Just how inflammation is one of fluoride’s effects on the brain, the reality is that topical fluorides could provoke similar inflammatory responses in skin (3).

Fluoride Allergic Reaction To Drinking Fluoride?

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Since adding fluoride to water does not affect the appearance, taste, or smell.

It’s hard to blame as the bad guy.

For most, a clear glass of water is the last thing they would expect to cause an allergic reaction.

But the truth is if you’re allergic to fluoride, it does not matter where the fluoride comes from.

Once you eliminate fluoride exposure, you can expect to see signs of a fluoride allergy disappear.

As a study out of Finland found the rate of skin rashes in a city population decreased significantly within months of the city terminating its water fluoridation program(6).

In fact, drinking fluoride-free water either through the use of bottled water without fluoride or using water filters that remove fluoride, is the first thing any one suspecting a fluoride allergy should do.

And speaking of filters, reverse osmosis and distillers are great options. As both were shown in does distilling water remove fluoride and do reverse osmosis filters remove fluoride, to reduce fluoride all the way down to 0.0 ppm. 

Fluoride Allergic Reaction To Tea?

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Tea is the most potent and largest source of ingested fluoride worldwide.

Until recently, many people including myself, have thought of tea as one of the healthiest beverages one can drink.

However the reality is, times have changed and to be exact: the soil and water used to grow tea plants is now polluted with fluoride.

This is why when Truth About Fluoride tested 329+ teas, many teas were found to have double, triple or even six times the amount of fluoride found in tap water!

So if you suspect you might have a fluoride allergy, you should go to fluoride in tea and search how much fluoride your tea contains. 

Do I Have A Fluoride Allergy?

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There are two ways you can find out.

One way is to go to your doctor and have an allergy test done.

Although there are many disadvantages to this option; allergy tests are not that reliable, you’ll need an allergy specialist that has a lot of training and there’s a possibility of false positives(7).

However, a better way to take care of things is to perform a fluoride detox and observe the results.

The best way is by using my free fluoride detox guide.

This way you’ll get multiple things done with one action.

Through eliminating fluoride exposure and detoxing your body of accumulated fluoride, you’ll find out if you’re allergic to it, see the results within days or weeks and stop all the other health effects fluoride is causing you.

How To Treat A Fluoride Allergy?

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You’ll regularly see individuals suffering from fluoride allergies prescribed antihistamines.

This is the wrong thing to do, if it’s the only thing you do.

All it does is give you relief from the symptoms we’ve mentioned above without addressing the reason your body is telling you something is wrong.

It’s like hiding your problems under a rug… it’s still there.

The best thing to do is what was done in the studies that revealed that people were allergic to fluoride.

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They’re allergic reactions disappeared promptly once they discontinued exposure to the fluoride source(1).

Which means the best way to avoid an allergic reaction to fluoride is to avoid exposure altogether- an 8 step process I’ve made easy in the fluoride detox guide.

A process that consists of two main parts; eliminating all fluoride exposure and detoxing the fluoride that has acuminated in your body.

Just like that, your fluoride allergies will be a thing of the past.

Lastly, if you have a few seconds, share this article with your friends and family using the sharing buttons found at the bottom of the screen (phone) or to the left (computer).

You might just help someone realize their allergic to fluoride!

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