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Do AmazonBasics Filters Remove Fluoride?

A different brand but the same question, do AmazonBasics water filters remove fluoride?

And like always, were going to keep it simple:

  1. Buy an Amazonbasics filter
  2. Test the water before filtering
  3. Test the water after filtering

Do AmazonBasics Filters Remove Fluoride?

Amazonbasics water filter on table

If I’m being honest, I don’t have high hopes for this filter.

It’s small and filters water too quickly, which for a filter usually means it can’t filter difficult contaminants like fluoride.

For example, this filter looks similar to Vitapur, which in do Vitapur water filters remove fluoride, failed to remove any fluoride from my tap water.

But before we jump to any conclusions, let’s test an Amazonbasics filter.

Starting with testing the tap water.

tap water tested for fluoride, 0.6 ppm result

According to the fluoride meter, the tap water contains 0.6 ppm of fluoride.

Now let’s see how much fluoride an Amazonbasics filter can remove…

amazonbasics water filter teste for fluoride, 0.6 ppm result

So, do Amazonbasics water filters remove fluoride?

According to the fluoride meter, Amazonbasics water filters can NOT remove fluoride. As fluoride levels were 0.6 ppm before filtering and 0.6 ppm after filtering.

Putting Amazonbasics on the very long list of filters that can not remove fluoride.

Which Water Filters CAN Remove Fluoride?

Finding a water filter that can remove fluoride is very hard.

In addition to many brands not being able to filter fluoride, many others LIE about their filters being able to remove fluoride.

Which makes it nearly impossible to be 100% certain that your filter removes fluoride.

Now to help you avoid being tricked, I’ve taken all the fluoride test results of 25+ water filters and put them all together.

Which means with these results you’ll be able to double check if a filter removes fluoride before you buy it.

And all you have to do is enter your email below and I’ll send the results to you right away.

Enter your email below to receive fluoride test results on 41+ water filters + my top picks!

water filters

In fact, if you were to search “fluoride filter pitcher” on Amazon, the first choice is Aquagear which has zero effect on fluoride.

It’s even labelled as “Amazon’s Choice” which is crazy.

So truly the only way to know, is to double check with the results I’ve sent to your email before buying.

Now for those wondering which water filters I think are best, I have one more thing to help…

A guide on fluoride filters (link to guide) which will show you the best filters and help you choose the right one.

Anyways, there you have it, the truth about fluoride in regards to Amazonbasics water filters.


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