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Do Aquagear Filters Remove Fluoride?

It’s time to turn our attention to an Amazon best-seller and ask, do Aquagear filters remove fluoride?

If you’ve read what is fluoride, I’m sure you don’t want it in your water.

Fluoride is a classified neurotoxin, causes dental fluorosis in children, and as it accumulates in your body; it destroys the health of your bones and joints through a condition called skeletal fluorosis.

But does Aquagear help us avoid this toxin?

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Do Aquagear Filters Remove Fluoride?

aquagear water filter pitcher on table

For the longest time I never thought a brand would lie about if their filter could remove fluoride.

However, the more filters I test, the more brands I catch lying.

For example, in do Waterdrop water filter remove fluoride, Waterdrop (another Amazon best-seller) stated it could remove fluoride but in fact was only able to reduce fluoride from 0.6 ppm to 0.5 ppm.

Now when it comes to Aquagear, according to the piece of paper in the filter’s box, it states Aquagear can remove 90.1% of fluoride…

aquagear performance, water quality report

In addition, almost every single website that writes about “water filters that remove fluoride” blindly tell their readers that Aquagear can remove fluoride.

But what if that’s not true?

Well for those that have read fluoride’s effect on the brain, you’ll know it’s a developmental neurotoxin (autism, ADHD), lowers your IQ, impairs pineal gland function, and increases your chances of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

So to find out if Aquagear does remove fluoride, we have to start with testing the tap water.

That way we know how much fluoride is in the water before filtering…

tap water tested for fluoride, 0.6 ppm result

According to the fluoride meter, the tap water contains 0.6 ppm of fluoride.

And now it’s time to test the Aquagear water filter pitcher…

aquagear water filter pitcher tested for fluoride, 0.6 ppm result

So, do Aquagear filters remove fluoride?

According to the fluoride meter, Aquagear filters do NOT remove fluoride.

As fluoride levels were 0.6 ppm before filtering and 0.6 ppm after filtering.

So if you’re looking for a water filter pitcher that CAN remove fluoride, out of all the brands I’ve tested, it’s clear the best fluoride water filter that’s a pitcher is Clearly Filtered.

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

Fluoride Reduction: 98%

Verified by Truth About Fluoride

clearly filtered water pitcher

Note: if you plan on buying the pitcher, you should buy from Clearly Filtered (link to their website) and not Amazon. The price you pay will be cheaper and shipping time is the exact same if not faster through Clearly Filtered.

And it’s also been tested by me, so there’s no doubt it’s removing fluoride.

But before you do that, here’s one last thing.

Other Water Filters CAN Remove Fluoride?

Choosing a quality filter is hard.

Especially when you consider many brands lie about what their filters can do.

But thankfully, after testing and using dozens of filters I’ve taken all those test results and put it into a PDF.

Using this PDF will help you avoid being tricked by a brand and know for sure if a filter can remove fluoride.

And all you have to do to get it is input your email below and I’ll send you the results right away.

Enter your email below to receive fluoride test results on 33+ water filters + my top picks!

water filters

While for those that are considering getting something besides a water filter pitcher from Clearly Filtered, here’s something you’ll find useful.

I’ve made a guide on fluoride filters (link to guide), which will walk you through choosing the right filter.

So by following this guide and the PDF, you’ll be confident that your filter is providing fluoride-free water.

Which is the only way to protect yourself from lying brands.

Anyways, there you have it, the truth about fluoride in regards to Aquagear water filters.

See you at the other pages!

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