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Does Arto LifeWtr Have Fluoride?

Let’s turn to the new kid on the block and ask a question I can’t stop asking, does Arto Lifewtr have fluoride?

And just like always, I’m going to test a sample with a fluoride meter. This way we know for sure.

Plus at the end of the article, I’ll show you the best and safest brands of bottled water (fluoride is only one issue to consider).

Does Arto Lifewtr Have Fluoride?

According to the label found on a Arto Lifewtr water bottle, it contains 2.4 ppm of fluoride. However, the fluoride meter registered 0.0 ppm of fluoride, which means Arto Lifewtr does NOT have fluoride.

Thankfully this is the case, since the reported amount of fluoride would put you on an express highway, without any delays, to every known health issue caused by fluoride.

As 2.4 ppm is a dangerously high level of fluoride.

And would rank Arto Lifewtr with the highest level of fluoride of all 187+ brands on our list of bottled water without fluoride.

Now before we get to the best and safest brands of bottled water, let me show you the proof for all of this.

arto lifewtr fluoride level as labelled on bottle

So just as mentioned, right on the bottle’s label it states the water contains 2.4 of fluoride (pictured above).

While here’s a picture of me testing Arto Lifewtr with a fluoride meter…

arto lifewtr fluoride level tested with fluoride meter

As you can see, the fluoride meter recorded 0.0 ppm of fluoride.

So instead of having extremely dangerous levels of fluoride, there was no fluoride.

This left me scratching my head…

I tested it multiple times and even recalibrated the meter (pictured below).

calibrating fluoride meter at 1ppm

This proved that the meter was working well.

It showed me 1 ppm on the dot, when testing 1 ppm fluoride standard solution.

This means the previous results were accurate and Arto Lifewtr contains 0.0 ppm of fluoride.

But putting that aside, Arto LifeWtr has a secret you should know about.

That being, Arto LifeWtr is filtered tap water.

Crazy to believe but when you see “purified”, “distilled”, or “treated water” on a bottles label, it’s a polite way of the company telling you the water is tap water.

Now when you look at a bottle of Arto LifeWtr, you’ll see it’s “treated water”.

Which usually means, they’ve used reverse osmosis or a distiller to filter tap water.

And for Arto, they state on their website they use reverse osmosis:

We purify our water using reverse osmosis, and then add electrolytes back in to give LIFEWTR its pure, clean taste

label of arto lifewtr bottled water stating "mineralized treated water"

But the problem is not with reverse osmosis.

In fact, many brands use it to filter water. For example, even Dasani uses reverse osmosis, which in does Dasani water have fluoride – was shown to contain 0.0 ppm of fluoride.

It’s just that you’re paying a lot of money for filtered tap water, when you could buy from a brand that offers healthier water (microplastics are a major health concern surrounding certain brands of bottled water) or get the same thing for a cheaper price.

So to help you choose a better brand, I’ve put together a list of the healthiest and safest brands of bottled water.

Along with the fluoride test result of 187+ brands.

And all you have to do is enter your email below and I’ll send it to you right away.

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bottled water

This way not only will you know how much fluoride is in each and every brand of bottled water.

You’ll know which brands are the heathiest and which ones to avoid.

Anyways, there you have it, the truth about fluoride in regards to Arto Lifewtr.


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