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Does Dasani Water Have Fluoride? (Solved!)

One of the biggest brands worldwide, but does Dasani water have fluoride?

A solid question, considering fluoride is now grouped with the likes of lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxic chemicals.

So to figure this out, I’ll test a sample of Dasani water with a fluoride meter (plus stick to the end as I’ll share with you the healthiest/safest brands of bottled water).

Does Dasani Water Have Fluoride?

According to Dasani, their water contains 0 ppm of fluoride ions.

This would put Dasani water among several other brands of bottled water that are fluoride-free on our list of bottled water without fluoride.

Like Evian, Eska and Sam’s Choice.

dasani fluoride levels on dasani bottled water label, 0 ppm of fluoride

But before we get carried away, let’s see if it passes the fluoride meter test.

Since 0 ppm can in reality be 0.2 ppm or even 0.4 ppm.

dasani tested with a fluoride meter, 0.0 ppm of fluoride

The fluoride meter recorded 0.0 ppm of fluoride in Dasani water.

Confirming the information Dasani had provided on their bottled water.

In fact, this should not be a surprise.

As Dasani is known to filter their water using reverse osmosis, which is arguably the best fluoride water filtering technology around. For example, Great Value also uses reverse osmosis and in does Great Value have fluoride – was also shown to contain 0.0 ppm.

But there is one HUGE issue you should be aware of.

And that issue is many brands of bottled water are filled with microplastics.

Which would defeat the entire purpose of avoiding fluoride.

So to help you avoid fluoride and pick a healthy brand of bottled water, I’ve combined the fluoride test results of 187+ brands of bottled water and the list of safe brands (low in fluoride and low in microplastics).

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bottled water

This way you’ll know the fluoride levels of 187+ brands of bottled water.

Plus which brands are safe and healthy to drink.

Anyways, there you have it, the truth about fluoride in regards to Dasani water.


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