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Does Great Value Water Have Fluoride?

Let’s turn our focus to Walmart‘s bottled water and figure out, does Great Value water have fluoride?

To figure this out, I grabbed myself a bottle of Great Value water and tested it with a fluoride meter.

Plus stick to the end, as I’ll share with you the safest and healthiest brands of fluoride-free bottled water.

Does Great Value Water Have Fluoride?

According to Great Value, their water contains an “ND” level of fluoride.

Which means when they tested their water, no fluoride was detected.

Making Walmart’s Great Value brand slightly better than Costco’s Kirkland brand. As in does Kirkland water have fluoride, it was reported to contain 0.12 ppm of fluoride.

great value water quality report fluoride

Now that’s amazing news but let’s slow down for a second.

The only way to confidently know what’s in the bottle, is to test it ourselves.

And that’s exactly what I did…

Great Value water tested for fluoride content with fluoride meter

According to the fluoride meter, Great Value water contains 0.0 ppm of fluoride.

Confirming the information found in the water report.

It also reaffirms that Great Value ranks with some of the lowest fluoride levels among the 187+ brands on our list of bottled water without fluoride.

But there’s a secret you should know about Great Value water…

The secret is that Great Value is tap water.

Now, let me explain…

If you look at the label of a bottle and it says “purified“, “distilled“, or “treated water” it’s a polite way of the company telling you they did not use natural spring water.

Instead they used tap water.

In the case of Great Value, “purified by: reverse osmosis” is printed on their bottles label (pictured below).

But there’s no issue with reverse osmosis, it’s a fantastic and inexpensive way of filtering water. In fact, it’s one of the best fluoride filters you can use.

close-up view of the label of a great value bottle of water "purified by: reverse osmosis"

However, the issue with many of these brands is that they could still be unsafe to drink.

For instance, many brands are full of microplastics, which we can all agree is not good for your health.

So to help you out, I’ve put together a list of the best and safest brands of bottled water.

Plus combining that list with all the fluoride test results of 187+ brands.

And all you have to do is enter your email below and I’ll send you it right away.

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bottled water

This way not only will you know how much fluoride is in each and every brand of bottled water.

But you’ll also know which brands are the safest/healthiest and which ones you should stay away from.

Anyways, there you go, the truth about fluoride in regards to Great Value water.


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