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Does Kirkland Water Have Fluoride?

You need a membership to buy it, but does Kirkland water have fluoride?

A.K.A does Costco water have fluoride?

Unfortunately this question is very hard to answer, since you’ll find no information online provided by Costco or other websites. So to answer this question, I bought 5 different bottles of Kirkland water from 3 different countries and tested each one with a fluoride meter.

Does Kirkland Water Have Fluoride?

Well when it comes to fluoride, Kirkland water typically contains very low levels. The Italian sparkling mineral water has 0.1 ppm of fluoride, purified water with minerals added for taste has 0.0 ppm, while the spring water contains anywhere from 0.0 to 0.3 ppm of fluoride.

However, to get the most accurate answer you should double check with the table below.

Italian Sparkling0.1 ppmMeti, Apecchio
Spring Water0.0 ppmChase Spring
Spring Water0.1 ppmHarrogate, UK
Spring Water0.3 ppmWellington County, ON
Purified Water0.0 ppmFiltered

I say this because the biggest problem about answering this question accurately, is that Costco sells a lot of different types of water.

And for that reason, their “spring water” could easily have different levels of fluoride due to different bottles containing water from different places (as shown above).

For example, a bottle of spring water bought in Toronto, Canada could have 0.3 ppm of fluoride while a bottle bought in London, England could contain 0.0 ppm. So it’s best if you double check where the water comes from, also known as the “source”, which can be found on the side of the bottle.

But overall these results would rank Kirkland bottled water well among other brands on our list of bottled water without fluoride.

For instance, when you compare Costco’s Kirkland brand to Walmart’s Sam’s Choice brand, both are great sources of low-fluoride drinking water. But as shown in does Sam’s Choice water have fluoride, Sam’s Choice bottled water was reported and tested to have 0.0 ppm of fluoride – slightly less than Kirkland.

But would I recommend Kirkland water?

To be honest, I would not.

For starters, first you have to make sure the Kirkland water you’re buying is the same as the one I tested above. And considering how big Costco is, it’s likely your water comes from a different source (lake, spring, etc.)

But unfortunately, there are many more reasons than fluoride you should consider. For example, a brand can be LOW in fluoride but HIGH in other toxins like microplastics, arsenic, and even PFAS.

So to help you out, I put together a list of the safest and healthiest bottled water brands. Plus I’ve combined it with all 121+ fluoride results I’ve done.

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This way not only will you know how much fluoride is in each and every brand.

You’ll also know which brands are safe to drink and which ones to stay away from.

Anyways, there you go, the truth about fluoride in regards to Kirkland water.


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