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Does Bubly Sparkling Water Have Fluoride?

No calories and no sweeteners but does Bubly sparkling water have fluoride?

A great question when you consider the accumulation of fluoride within your body leads to serious health effects… but that’s a topic for another time.

So to answer this question, I’ll test a sample of Bubly water with a fluoride meter.

Does Bubly Sparkling Water Have Fluoride?

If a brand does not mention where it’s water comes from, it’s very likely they use tap water.

Now this isn’t an issue because most brands use water filters like reverse osmosis or distillers.

Both of which are great fluoride filters and have been shown through testing to completely remove fluoride.

So since it does seem like Bubly uses tap water…

We need to find out whether or not they filter their water properly.

And to do so, we’ll test a sample with a fluoride meter…

Normally I’d show you their water reports too but it’s hard to find their fluoride levels anywhere online.

bubly sparkling water tested for fluoride, 0.0 ppm result

So does Bubly sparkling water have fluoride?

According to the fluoride meter, Bubly water contains 0.0 ppm of fluoride.

Which ranks it as fluoride-free water among the 121+ brands of bottled water without fluoride.

Much better than another flavored sparkling water company called AHA, which in does AHA sparkling water have fluoride – it was tested and contained 0.2 ppm of fluoride.

BUT there’s one HUGE reason you shouldn’t drink Bubly water…

Safe Brands Of Bottled Water?

When it comes to flavored water, you should stay away from most brands.

For the main reason most of them use “natural flavors” which are far from being natural…

In fact, there could be dozens of chemicals hiding behind the label of “natural”.

But the good news is I’ve put together a list of safe brands of bottled water that includes a safe brand of sparkling flavored water.

And all you have to do is enter your email below and I’ll send it to you right away.

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bottled water

This way you won’t have to worry about what you’re putting into your body.

Anyways, there you have it, the truth about fluoride in regards to Bubly.


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