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Does Zevia Soda Have Fluoride?

No calories, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners but does Zevia soda have fluoride?

Something you should know considering all of fluoride’s toxic health effects.

So let’s find out if Zevia contains any fluoride.

Does Zevia Soda Have Fluoride?

Here’s a little secret…

If a brand does not mention where their water comes from, they most likely use tap water.

And it looks like Zevia is one of these brands.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since they could be filtering their water with a quality water filter which would remove all the nasty things in your water (reverse osmosis and distillers are the most common filters used).

Now since Zevia does not make their fluoride levels public.

The only way to find out is to test a sample of Zevia with a fluoride meter…

Which is exactly what I’ll do next.

zevia soda tested for fluoride, 0.0 ppm result

So does Zevia soda have fluoride?

According to the fluoride meter, Zevia contains 0.0 ppm of fluoride.

Placing it as a fluoride-free option among the list of 121+ brands of bottled water without fluoride.

And if it was sold in Walmart, I’d also place it on the fluoride free water at Walmart list.

BUT even though Zevia is fluoride-free, you should NOT drink it for one main reason…

Safe & Healthy Flavored Water?

The biggest problem with flavored water is that most brands use “natural flavors”.

And these natural flavors are far from being natural and in fact, contain many chemicals.

So to help you out, I’ve put together a list of brands that are safe to drink. Which now includes a recommendation for flavored water.

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This way you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting into your body.

Anyways, there you have it, the truth about fluoride in regards to Zevia.


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