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Fluoride Free Water At Walmart (Full List)

Due to popular demand, I’ve put together a list of fluoride-free water at Walmart.

One of my favorite stores to shop at when travelling in the States.

Mainly because it’s everywhere you go.

Now considering, right now you may be standing in the middle of an aisle in Walmart, let’s get to what you came for…

Certified Fluoride Free Water At Walmart

Below you’ll find a list of certified fluoride-free water found at Walmart.

By being certified, this means each brand was bought, tested and contained zero fluoride.

If you don’t see a brand you’re looking for, you can search the fluoride levels of 121+ brands sold across the United States and Canada, at bottled water without fluoride.

Without any further adieu, here’s a list of Walmart fluoride-free water:

Image BrandFluoride
lifewtr bottled water 1. Arto LifeWtr0.0 ppm
evian bottled water 2. Evian0.0 ppm
poland spring bottled water 3. Poland Spring 0.0 ppm
great value bottled water 4. Great Value0.0 ppm
icelandic glacial bottled water 5. Icelandic Glacial0.0 ppm
smartwater bottled water 6. SmartWater0.0 ppm
dasani bottled water 7. Dasani0.0 ppm
aquafina bottled water 8. Aquafina0.0 ppm

2 Things You Should Know About Fluoride-Free Water At Walmart

Bottled water is an excellent source of fluoride-free water.

However, as a health conscious individual, you should be aware of 2 issues.

At the very least, it’ll help you choose the best source of fluoride-free water.

Now if you’d like to read more about these issues, once you’re done here, you can check out the bottled water without fluoride link mentioned above.

1. Safety Concerns

Yes, bottled water is better than tap water, but it’s not perfect.

The best way I can put this is by drinking bottled water instead of tap water, you essentially swap one group of toxic substances for another.

For example, bottled water may not have fluoride but recent studies reported over 90% of bottled water contained high levels of micro-plastics.

Substances that have an equally detrimental effect on your health.

To add insult to injury, at least 3 of the 9 brands in the “fluoride-free water at Walmart list” is filtered tap water: Aquafina, Dasani, and Smartwater.

Lastly, it’s hard to keep up but many brands source their water from different location. SO two bottles that look exactly the same, may have completely different fluoride levels in them for example.

This is the case with Crystal Geyser, where in does Crystal Geyser water have fluoride – I explain how their water can range anywhere from from 0.062 to 0.78 ppm of fluoride.

2. Price Difference

person throwing money into the trash

The best plan for living a healthy life is one you can stick to.

However, using bottled water as your only source of fluoride-free water get’s expensive. Especially, if you use it for everything like tea, coffee, and cooking….

Now, instead of just saying it’s expensive, let’s put a number on it to make it real.

To do so, let’s quickly compare how much my family (size of 4), drinking 1 gallon a day each, would pay for bottled water compared to using a filter, in 1 year.

With the cheapest bottled water, 24-pack to be exact, the total would be $1, 045.46 a year.

While using a filter, the total would be $112.68 a year.

A total difference of $932.78 a year.

graph showing price difference between bottled water, tap water, filtered water, gasoline and milk

Wow… I wasn’t even expecting such a high number.

But point is, you’re either saving $932.78 a year and getting the best quality water you can get…

Or you’re overpaying $932.78 and chugging down micro plastics as a bonus.

FYI, this is in Canadian dollars and the price for using a filter is based on the average it cost me, for filter replacements and includes the price I paid for the filter.

What’s The Solution?

If you want complete peace of mind and save some money too, water filters that remove fluoride is the way to go.

Not only will you be drinking the best quality water…

You’ll also start saving around $932.78 a year.

So hopefully you only refer to the “fluoride-free bottled water Walmart list” when you don’t have access to your new water filter!

Anyways, there you have it, the truth about fluoride in regards to fluoride-free water at Walmart.


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